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Volume 3 Issue 4 April 2014: Page 4

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Estimation of Flexural Strength and Shear Strength of Sandwich Panel by Varying Foam Density

Authors: Aniber Benin .M, Dilip Thomas
Country: India, Subject Area: Mechanical Engineering

Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) with Two Channel Filter Bank and Decoding in Image Texture Analysis

Authors: Akash Goel
Country: India, Subject Area: Computer Engineering

A Survey on Cryptography and Steganography

Authors: Niveditha R
Country: India, Subject Area: Electronics & Communication Engineering

Reactive Power Improvement in Wind Farm by Using UPQC

Authors: S. Mohamed Yousuf, S. Arthi
Country: India, Subject Area: Electrical Engineering

A Novel Approach on Mining Frequent Item Sets on Large Uncertain Databases

Authors: R. Manimegalai, D. Dhanabagyam
Country: India, Subject Area: Computer Engineering

Factors Influencing Adoption of Agricultural Processing Technologies Developed by National Centre for Agricultural Mechanization (NCAM) in Ifelodun Local Government Area, Ilorin Kwara State

Authors: Mohammed, B.T., Achem, B.A., Abdulquadri, A.F.
Country: Nigeria, Subject Area: Agricultural engineering

Encryption of Text Using Fingerprints as Input to Various Algorithms

Authors: Abhishek Sharma, Narendra Kumar
Country: India, Subject Area: Information Technology

A Printed Microstrip Patch Antenna Design for Ultra Wideband Applications

Authors: Zuhura Juma Ali
Country: China, Subject Area: Electronics & Communication Engineering

Controlling of Auto Oxidation Process of Soft Dough Biscuits Using Flavonoids Extracted from Green Tea (Camellia sinensis)

Authors: S. B. Navaratne, C. Senaratne
Country: Srilanka, Subject Area: Biology Science

Study of Set up Candid Clips via New Media Effectiveness

Authors: Suparada Prapawong, Eakapotch Dhanasiri
Country: Thailand, Subject Area: Information Technology

Analysis of Patterns in TV Commercials that Recognize NGO Image

Authors: Areerut J, Samuel F
Country: Thailand, Subject Area: Information Technology

Survey on Hybrid Approach for Feature Selection

Authors: Aparna Choudhary, Jai Kumar Saraswat
Country: India, Subject Area: Computer Engineering

A Modified Sir Epidemic Model with Immigration and Generalized Saturated Incidence Rate Function

Authors: D. Jasmine. E. C., Henry Amirtharaj
Country: India, Subject Area: Mathematics

Effect of Aggressive Financing Policy on Profitability of Listed Companies at the Nairobi Securities Exchange, Kenya

Authors: Magadi S. Oloo, Muturi W. Mwangi
Country: Kenya, Subject Area: Financial Engineering

Studies on Acacias in the Zaria Area of Kaduna State, Nigeria

Authors: B. I. Dagba, B. J. Harris
Country: Nigeria, Subject Area: Forestry Science

A RTOS Based Reconfigurable Architecture for IWSN Stack with Arm Cortex and EM250RF Processor Support

Authors: L. Divya, V. Maheswari
Country: India, Subject Area: Electronics & Communication Engineering

Vehicle Crash Alert with Automotive Life Rescue and Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring System Using Wireless Communication

Authors: T. Jayapriya, R. Thenmozhli
Country: India, Subject Area: Electronics & Communication Engineering

The Performance of Natural Enemy of Rice Pest in the Rice Field of Farmers Field School of Integrated Pest Control in South Borneo

Authors: Samharinto Soedijo
Country: Indonesia, Subject Area: Entomology Science

Survey on Improving Driving Directions with Taxi Drivers Intelligence under Road Failure

Authors: Ramya R S, Yogish H K
Country: India, Subject Area: Computer Engineering

Survey on Classified Ad-hoc Routing Protocols in MANET

Authors: Mangeshkumar S. Shegokar, R.R.Tuteja
Country: India, Subject Area: Computer Engineering

Multigrid Approach for Solving Elliptic Type Partial Differential Equations

Authors: Ashish Kumar Garg, Itendra Kumar, Sham Bansal, Ishu Goyal
Country: India, Subject Area: Mathematics

Mitigating Land Degradation with Chemical Fertilizer Application in the Asunafo Forest, Ghana

Authors: Kenneth Peprah
Country: Ghana, Subject Area: Environment Science

Poverty and Land Degradation Nexus: The Case of Asunafo, Ghana

Authors: Kenneth Peprah
Country: Ghana, Subject Area: Environment Science

Total Survey Error Model for Estimating Population Total in Two Stage Cluster Sampling

Authors: Damson Munyaradzi, Otieno Romanus Odhiambo, Orwa George Otieno
Country: Kenya, Subject Area: Statistics

Access to Credit Facilities as a Major Factor Hindering Access to Public Procurement Contracts by Youth Entrepreneurs in Government Ministries in Ol Kalou Sub-County, Kenya

Authors: Ezekiel Ngigi Kamau, Daniel Wanyoike, Benson Mwangi
Country: Kenya, Subject Area: Financial Engineering

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