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Volume 3 Issue 4 April 2014: Page 1

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Conceptual Cohesion of Classes(C3) Metrics

Authors: Girish K.K.
Country: India, Subject Area: Software Engineering

Framework Based Approach for the Mitigation of Insider Threats in E-governance IT Infrastructure

Authors: M Hari Haran
Country: India, Subject Area: Information Technology

Face Sketch to Photo Matching Using LFDA

Authors: Pushpa Gopal Ambhore, Lokesh Bijole
Country: India, Subject Area: Computer Engineering

Android Based Remote Vehicle Dis-Engaging System

Authors: Mahadevaiah K G, Sujay Sajjan T, Abhishek V, Rakshith P R, Ashish N Koushik
Country: India, Subject Area: Electronics & Communication Engineering

The Analysis of Remote Sensing Imagery for Predicting Structural Geology in Berau Basin East Kalimantan

Authors: Nana Sulaksana, Ahmad Helman Hamdani
Country: Indonesia, Subject Area: Geology Science

Nascent Concerns on the Sustainable Management of User Community-Based Approaches in Water Resources and Supply: A Case of River Njoro Watershed, Kenya

Authors: Benjamin Sosi
Country: Kenya, Subject Area: Management

A Model for Performance Evaluation System on the State Organization and the Civil Servants in the Regional Employment Board, BKD, in South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Authors: Baharuddin, Sangkala, Hamsinah
Country: Indonesia, Subject Area: Management

Dynamism of Land use Changes on Surface Temperature in Kenya: A Case Study of Nairobi City

Authors: Muthoka Mumina, James; Ndegwa Mundia, Charles
Country: Kenya, Subject Area: Geography Science

Measuring Financial Risk in Stock Returns: A Case of Nairobi Stock Exchange

Authors: Machuke Grace, P. N. Mwita, J. M. Kihoro
Country: Kenya, Subject Area: Statistics

Multiresponse Optimization in Response Surface Method by Aggressive DEA

Authors: Sony Sunaryo, Muhammad Sjahid Akbar, Haryono, Rendra Erdkhadifa
Country: Indonesia, Subject Area: Statistics

Reduced Visual Acuity and Asthenopic Symptoms among Secondary School Students in the Niger Delta

Authors: Kotingo E. L., Obodo Daniel U., Iroka Felicia Tochi., Ebeigbe Ejime., Amakiri Taribo
Country: Nigeria, Subject Area: Medicine Science

The Application of Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) for Predicting the Usage of E-Zakat Online System

Authors: Nurul Nadiah Ahmad, Mahlindayu Tarmidi, Izzatul Ussna Ridzwan, Masdiah Abdul Hamid, Rusli Abdul Roni
Country: Malaysia, Subject Area: Information Technology

Implications of Globalization for International Business Strategy: A Multi-Sectoral Approach

Authors: Ericlee Nyaga Muciimi, Evanson Mwangi Ngumo
Country: Kenya, Subject Area: Management

The Chemical and Mineralogical Characteristics of Quaternary Volcanic Rock Weathering Profile in the Southern Part of Bandung Area, West Java, Indonesia

Authors: Ildrem Syafri, Emi Sukiyah, Hendarmawan
Country: Indonesia, Subject Area: Earth Science and Engineering

Radiological and X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometric Analyses of Selected Inorganic Fertilizers in Zaria Kaduna State, Nigeria: Source of Possible Environmental Pollution

Authors: Elisha Jacob Jamok, Yisa Jonathan, Mann Abdullahi, Kolo Matthew
Country: Nigeria, Subject Area: Chemistry Science

2D-Forward Modeling of Ground Magnetic Data of Homa-Hills Geothermal Prospect Area, Kenya

Authors: Adero Bernard, Odek Antony, Abuga Vincent, Githiri John, Willis Ambusso
Country: Kenya, Subject Area: Earth Science and Engineering

Characteristics, Morphometry and Spatial Distribution of Populations of Subterranean Termites Macrotermes Gilvus. Hagen (Isoptera: Termitidae) in the Rubber Plantation Land Habitat Which Managed Without Pesticides and Chemical Fertilizers

Authors: Zainal Arifin., Zulkifli Dahlan., Sabaruddin., Chandra Irsan., Yusuf Hartono
Country: Indonesia, Subject Area: Ecology Science

Curbing/Mitigating Indiscriminate Waste Dumping Through Effective Stakeholder Relations

Authors: Princewell N. Achor, Andrew A. Ehikwe, Anthony U. Nwafor
Country: Nigeria, Subject Area: Management

Advanced Unsupervised Anonymization Technique in Social Networks for Privacy Preservation

Authors: Anjali R Kulkarni, Yogish H K
Country: India, Subject Area: Computer Engineering

Digital Signature Scheme Using Two Hash Functions

Authors: Mohammad Amir, Jarrar Ahmed, Sham Bansal, Ashish Kumar Garg, Man Singh
Country: India, Subject Area: Mathematics

Quantum Cryptography Implementation in Wireless Networks

Authors: Jarrar Ahmed, Ashish Kumar Garg, Man Singh, Sham Bansal, Mohammad Amir
Country: India, Subject Area: Mathematics

Power Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks using Adjacent Correction Positioning Algorithm

Authors: G. Hemavathy, S. Prabhu
Country: India, Subject Area: Electronics & Communication Engineering

Reproductive Tract Infections: Prevalence and Health Seeking Behaviour among Women of Reproductive Age Group

Authors: Mamta, Navdeep Kaur
Country: India, Subject Area: Medicine Science

Characterization of Fuzzy Bridges and Fuzzy Cutnodes

Authors: S. Nagarajan, M. Chandrasekharan
Country: India, Subject Area: Mathematics

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