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Volume 3 Issue 3 March 2014

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Factors that Determine Monthly Revenue Returns from Mobile Payments in Kenya

Authors: Kyalo Richard, Waititu Anthony, Wanjoya Anthony
Country: Kenya, Subject Area: Statistics

Design and Implementation of Convolutional Encoder and Parallel Processing Viterbi Decoder Using Verilog

Authors: Vinay .B .K, Sunil .M .P
Country: India, Subject Area: Electronics & Communication Engineering

Classification System for Oral Submucous Grading - A Review

Authors: B. Priyadharshni
Country: India, Subject Area: Oncology Science

Intelligent System for Train Engine with Automatic Gate Controlling using Wireless Technology in Bangladesh

Authors: Kawshik Shikder
Country: Bangladesh, Subject Area: Electronics & Communication Engineering

An Empirical Investigation of the Impact of Employee Motivation and Productivity of Executive Employees with Special Reference to the Apparel Industry in Sri Lanka

Authors: S. M. D. Y Jayarathna
Country: Srilanka, Subject Area: Management

Analysis of Income Distribution among Marginal and Small Farmers in Rural Punjab

Authors: Sukhvir Kaur, Gian Singh
Country: India, Subject Area: Ecology Science

Understanding Knowledge Sharing and Social Capital in Social Network Sites

Authors: Adhi Prasetio
Country: Indonesia, Subject Area: Management

Land Cover and Land Use Mapping and Change Detection of Mau Complex in Kenya Using Geospatial Technology

Authors: Isaac Ongong’a Ayuyo, Leonard Sweta
Country: Kenya, Subject Area: Geography Science

Transitional Challenges Affecting Family-Owned Businesses: A Global View

Authors: Ericlee Nyaga Muciimi
Country: Kenya, Subject Area: Management

Smart Automation Tollgate Using Bloom Filter Algorithm

Authors: S. Rajalakshmi, M. Sailaja
Country: India, Subject Area: Electronics & Communication Engineering

Factors for Implementing Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in the Development Process: Stakeholders’ Perspective from Ethiopia

Authors: Teshome Tafesse Beyene
Country: Ethiopia, Subject Area: Management

Modified Booth Multiplier with FIR Filter

Authors: B. Sireesha, Diana Aloshius
Country: India, Subject Area:Electronics & Communication Engineering

Congestion Avoidance and Control Mechanism Using Border Gateway Protocol

Authors: Akram H. Shaikh, Bharat K. Chaudhary
Country: India, Subject Area:Computer Engineering

Assembly Line Balancing – A Review

Authors: Vrittika Pachghare, R. S. Dalu
Country: India, Subject Area:Mechanical Engineering

Quantum (Photon) Theory of Dispersion

Authors: Kanay Barik, Rajiv Kumar
Country: India, Subject Area:Physics Science

An Approach for Secure Data Storage Services in Cloud Computing

Authors: S. Srinivas, Martha Sheshikala, Duvvada Rajeswara Rao
Country: India, Subject Area:Computer Engineering

Clustering Medical Data Using Subspace and Parallel Approximation Algorithm

Authors: B. Thenmozhi, P. Shanthi
Country: India, Subject Area:Computer Engineering

A Study on Generalized Fuzzy Game Value for Three Players

Authors: R. Senthil Kumar, S. Kumaraghuru
Country: India, Subject Area:Mathematics

Prevalence of Hypertension and its Risk Factors among Urban Sikh Population of Amritsar

Authors: Amrinder Singh, Shweta Shenoy, Jaspal Singh Sandhu
Country: India, Subject Area:Medicine Science

Autonomous Cleaning Vehicle for Various Platforms

Authors: Rohit Kumar Jain, Praful S Namoshi, Satish C C, A H Muralidhar
Country: India, Subject Area:Electronics & Communication Engineering

Socio - Cultural Factors and Attitudes Affecting the Health Status of Rural Communities: A Study of Danmusa, Katsina State, Nigeria

Authors: Endurance Uzobo, Ogbanga Mina Margeret, Jack Jackson T.C.B
Country: Nigeria, Subject Area:Sociology

Byzantine Fault Tolerance in Large Scale Reliable Storage System

Authors: Dhiraj M. Bochare, A. S. Alvi
Country: India, Subject Area:Computer Engineering

Populationfluctuation of Apis cerana Fabr. (Hymenoptera: Apidae) colonies on policultureplantations in West Sumatra

Authors: Jasmi, Siti Salmah, Dahelmi, Syamsuardi
Country: Indonesia, Subject Area:Entomology Science

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