Volume 3 Issue 2 February 2014

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Studies on the Synthesis and Characterization of Nano Phosphors for Field Emission Devices

Authors: H. L. Vishwakarma, Archana Sharan, Anju Singh
Country: India, Subject Area: Physics Science

The Role of Communication on Employee Performance in Non Government Organizations: A Case of Save the Children

Authors: Catherine Njeri Chege, Kepha Ombui
Country: India, Subject Area: Management

A Review on Development of Renewable Energy Sources for Effective Power Generation in India

Authors: S. K Shadulla, Koteswara Rao M
Country: India, Subject Area: Chemical Engineering

NIOS II Processor Based Customized Soft Microcontroller Unit for Web Server Implementation

Authors: Manikandan. K, Purushothaman. V
Country: India, Subject Area: Electronics & Communication Engineering

Sacred Groves: Traditional Way of Conserving Plant Diversity in Block Bhalwal of Jammu District (J&K)

Authors: Sanjay Sharma, Rajni Devi
Country: India, Subject Area: Ecology Science

Management of Work Life Balance with Special Reference to Its Professionals in Metro Cities

Authors: Sangeeta Bhatnagar, P K Jain
Country: India, Subject Area: Management

RP-HPLC Method Development and Validation for the Analysis of Pharmaceutical Drugs - LINEZOLID

Authors: Bhaskarrav Makwana, V. G. Patel
Country: India, Subject Area: Chemistry Science

Effects of Yogic Exercises on the Anxiety Level of Judo Players

Authors: Parveen Dhayal
Country: India, Subject Area: Physiology Science

A Comparative Study of Agility among Handball and Basketball Male Player

Authors: Parmod Kumar
Country: India, Subject Area: Anatomy Science

Algorithm for Clustering Gene Expression Data with Outliers Using Minimum Spanning Tree

Authors: S. John Peter
Country: India, Subject Area: Computer Engineering

Stressors and the Coping Strategies among Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis

Authors: Mahadeo Shinde, Supriya Patil Mane
Country: India, Subject Area: Medicine Science

Influence of Study Habits on Academic Performance of Higher Primary School Students

Authors: Nagaraj V. Gudaganavar, Rajashekhar B. Halayannavar
Country: India, Subject Area: Statistics

Factors Affecting Performance of Private Security Firms in Nairobi County, A Case Study of G4S Security Services (K) Ltd

Authors: Kaguru, K. G, Kepha Ombui
Country: Kenya, Subject Area: Organizational Performance

Effect of Elevated Temperature and Type of Cooling on M20 Grade Concrete Using Fibers

Authors: Rahul Subhash Patil
Country: India, Subject Area: Civil Engineering

Materials Properties of Sol Gel Spin Coated Lead Zirconium Titanate Thinfilms

Authors: K. Kathiresan, N. Sanakara Subramanian
Country: India, Subject Area: Material Science and Engineering

Psychological Problems and Coping Strategies Adopted By Post Menopausal Women

Authors: Nutan Potdar, Mahadeo Shinde
Country: India, Subject Area: Medicine Science

Importance of Requirement Management: Requirement Engineering Concern

Authors: T. Rajani Devi
Country: India, Subject Area: Software Engineering

Anti Phishing using Visual Cryptography

Authors: Amit Navarkar, D. A. Phalke
Country: India, Subject Area: Computer Engineering

A Study to Assess Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Five Moments of Hand Hygiene among Nursing Staff and Students at a Tertiary Care Hospital at Karad

Authors: Mahadeo B Shinde, Vaishali R Mohite
Country: India, Subject Area: Medicine Science

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