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Volume 3 Issue 1 January 2014

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Health Implications Associated with Fluorosis in Children Residing in the Low Fluoride Endemic Afflicted Areas of Chittoor District

Authors: V. Lakshmi
Country: India, Subject Area: Nutrition Science

A Holistic Approach for Weight Management through Dietary Management

Authors: V. Lakshmi
Country: India, Subject Area: Nutrition Science

Case Report of a Rowell’s Syndrome

Authors: Devang Solanki, Ekta Dalal, Nishita Darji
Country: India, Subject Area: Immunology Science

Study of Risk Factors for Preterm Neonates

Authors: Mayur Bavaliya, Bela Shah, Sucheta Munshi
Country: India, Subject Area: Medicine Science

A Genetic Algorithm Based Railway Scheduling Model

Authors: G. Nirmala, D. Ramprasad
Country: India, Subject Area: Mathematics

Evaluation of the Effect of Hexose Oxidase on the Bread Baking Properties of Flour from Three Kenyan Wheat Varieties

Authors: Nicholas Mwangi Maikweki, Anakalo Shitandi, Abdul Faraj, Rose Ogata Bitonga
Country: India, Subject Area: Biochemistry Science

Endoscopic Surgical Approach to CSF Rhinorrhoea-Analysis of 30 Cases

Authors: Rajesh Vishwakarma, Kalpesh Patel, Dipesh Darji, Zeenat Ekkiswala, Divya Agrawal
Country: India, Subject Area: Medicine Science

Sensitive Spectrophotometric Methods for the Determination of Nicardipine in Pharamaceuticals Using Bromothymol Blue and Methyl

Authors: Y. Suneetha, N. V. S. Naidu
Country: India, Subject Area: Chemistry

The Challenges of Recruitment and Selection of Employees in Zimbabwean Companies

Authors: Alice Z Zinyemba
Country: India, Subject Area: Tourism

Role of Antioxidants on Thyroid Hormones in Wister Rats

Authors: Karan Peepre, U. Deshpandey, P. S Choudhary
Country: India, Subject Area: Medicine Science

Evaluation of Similarities Measure in Document Clustering

Authors: Hemalatha Immandhi
Country: India, Subject Area: Computer Engineering

Practices Regarding Child Birth and Basic Newborn Care among Urban - Slum Population

Authors: Manisha Khunt, Anuya Chauhan, Gargi Pathak
Country: India, Subject Area: Medicine Science

Selected Factors Influencing Effective Implementation of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) Projects in Kimilili Constituency, Bungoma County, Kenya

Authors: Leonard W. Kibebe, Priscillah W. Mwirigi
Country: India, Subject Area: Psychology Science

Review on Drowsy Driving: Becoming Dangerous Problem

Authors: Kusuma Kumari B. M
Country: India, Subject Area: Computer Engineering

Identification of Software Rot Using Range Control Limits

Authors: Harinder Kaur, Raveen Bajwa
Country: India, Subject Area: Software Engineering

Curving the Path of Bullets - A Hypothetical Case Study of Applications of Bernoulli’s Principle

Authors: B. Vishal Babu
Country: India, Subject Area: Military Engineering

Physical Activity: A Basic Need for All

Authors: Shiv Kant
Country: India, Subject Area: Physiology Science

Keyword Search in XML Database with Relevance Ranking and Maintaining Stored Websites

Authors: Anitha J, K. Jeyalakshmi
Country: India, Subject Area: Computer Engineering

Assessment of Dietary Management of Patient during Dialysis

Authors: Shadia Mohamed, Amani Lafe Abdullah
Country: Saudi Arabia, Subject Area: Medicine Science

Levels of Some Basic Amenities in the Slums and Their Impacts on Ecology: A Case Study of Jorhat City, Assam

Authors: Diganta Kumar Phukan
Country: India, Subject Area: Ecology Science

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