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Volume 1 Issue 3 December 2012

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Grid Computing for Load Balancing Strategies
Authors: Kavya S.A, M.V.Panduranga Rao, S.Basavaraj Patil

A New Link Based Approach for Categorical Data Clustering
Authors: Kavya S.A, M.V.Panduranga Rao, S.Basavaraj Patil

A Study on Academic Anxiety among Adolescents of Minicoy Island
Authors: Bhutnath Mahato, Sunil Jangir

Image Enhancement using Histogram Equalization and Spatial Filtering
Authors: Fari Muhammad Abubakar

Modeling Software Architecture with UML
Authors: Ramesh Ponnala, Gangadhar Adepu, Santhosh Kumar Nallavelly

Comparison of Personality of Alcoholics & Drug Addicts versus Non-Alcoholics & Non-Drug Addicts
Authors: Madhuri

Mobile Ad hoc Networks and its Clustering Scheme
Authors: Neva Agarwala

Brillouin Scattering based Distributed Sensing of Temperature
Authors: Rajeswari Palaniswamy, N.Kumaran, Kunthala Raghuram

The Importance of Leadership in Technical and Vocational Education for the World of Work
Authors: Nur Hafizah Mohd Sabri

Autonomic Computing: Further Maturation in IT Industry
Authors: Divya Bahl, Ritika Wason

Polarization Effect of Antireflection Coating for SOI Material System
Authors: Imran Khan

Integration of Business and Technology Strategy Gramin Saur Urja
Authors: Sameer Jain

Capital Market in Bangladesh: An Overview
Authors: Alak Kumar Saha

Optimization of Growth Medium in Microbial Fuel Cell for Electricity Production by Paenibacillus
Authors: Shikhi Shrivastava, Rani Ayachi

Main Physical Causes of Climate Change and Global Warming - A General Overview
Authors: Biplab Das, Utpal Khara, Aditya Bandyopadhyay

Modeling and Simulation of HVAC System Fault
Authors: Prahlad Patel, Hamant Amhia

Evaluation of the Effect of Cultural Conditions for Efficient Power Generation by Pseudomonas using Microbial Fuel Cell System
Authors: Amit Prem Khare, Rani Ayachi

Pesticide Mineralization in Water Using Silver Nanoparticles Incorporated on Polyurethane Foam
Authors: G. Manimegalai, S. Shanthakumar, Chandan Sharma

Assessment and Implementation of Cleaner Production Practices in Petroleum Lubricants Industry Value Chain in Zimbabwe
Authors: Ignatio Madanhire, Kumbi Mugwindiri

Statistical Features Based Off Line Signature Verification System using Image Processing
Authors: Ravneet Gill, Maninder Singh

A Stand Alone Hybrid Power Generation System by MPPT Control Based on Neural Networks
Authors: N.Prakash, R. Ravikumar, I.Gnanambal

Effect of Solar Heat on Foliage Gas
Authors: Ritik Shailendra Dubey, Sonal Pingalkar

High Efficiency Three Phase Nine Level Diode Clamped Multilevel Inverter
Authors: S. Kiruthika, S. Sudarsan, M. Murugesan3, B. Jayamanikandan

Image Resolution Enhancement via Multi Surface Fitting
Authors: Anna Poorani .B, Kumaran .N

Design and Implementation of Carrier Based Sinusoidal PWM (Bipolar) Inverter
Authors: Pankaj H Zope, Pravin G.Bhangale , S. R.Suralkar

Herbicide Tolerant Crops and Weed Management
Authors: Seema Dwivedi, Devendra Saini

Improving the Life of LM13 using Stainless Spray-II Coating for Engine Applications
Authors: Hari Prasada Rao Pydi, Balamurugan Adhithan, Naresh Kumar D

Performance of Cooperative Spectrum Sensing for Different Number of CR users in Cognitive Radio
Authors: Mohammad Alamgir Hossain, Shahoreare Ahmed, Md. Shamim Hossain, Md. Ibrahim Abdullah

Breast Boundary Detection in Mammogram using Entropy
Authors: Rahul Yadav, Rajeshwar Dass

Microstructure Analysis of the Carbon Nano Tubes-Aluminum Composite with different Manufacturing Conditions
Authors: Balamurugan Adhithan, Hari Prasada Rao Pydi

Comparative Study on Computers Operated By Eyes and Brain
Authors: Gaurav Jindal, Shweta Gupta

Isolated Spoken Word Identification in Malayalam using Mel-frequency Cepstral Coefficients and K-means clustering
Authors: Sreejith C, Reghuraj P C

Mossbauer Spectroscopic Study of Chemical Effect of Ascorbic Acid on Corrosion Product of Mild Steel
Authors: Kashyap Dhoot

Automatic Vehicle
Authors: Gurjinder Pal Singh, Chhailadeep Kaur

Combating Truancy Delinquency Need of an Action Plan
Authors: Samata Dhruv, Kalpana Vedmitra, Ravindra Kumar

Removal of Heavy Metals in Liquid Media through Fungi Isolated from Waste Water
Authors: Seema Dwivedi, Anuradha Mishra, Devendra Saini

Observation & Technology Analysis of New Generation Satellite Asiasat 7
Authors: Md. Yasin Ali, Liton Chandra Paul, Md. Mahmudul Hasan

Ad Hoc Networks Technical Issues on Radio Links Security & QoS
Authors: M.A Siddique, Sarah Khan, Firaz Noushad

An Overview on Development of Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites with Hybrid Reinforcement
Authors: J.Jenix Rino, D.Chandramohan, K.S.Sucitharan

T S Eliot and the Concept of Literary Tradition and the Importance of Allusions
Authors: M. Khan Sangi, Saleha Parveen, Abdul Sattar Gopang, Abdul Fattah Soomro

Strategic Entrepreneurship: Key to Success For Competitiveness & Globalization
Authors: Jati Nityananda, Ajit Narayan Mohanty

Integration of Process Planning and Scheduling Comparison of Models Approach
Authors: Sachin Sen, Sanjay Jain

Medial Axis Transformation based Skeletonzation of Image Patterns using Image Processing Techniques
Authors: Navjot Mann, Parminder Singh

Finding Increment Statistics on various types of Wavelets under 1-D Fractional Brownian Motion Synthesis
Authors: Abhishek Sharma, Bhubneshwar Sharma

General Implementation and Calculation of 5s Activity in any Organization
Authors: Prashant Koli

Study of Formalin Toxicity in I MBBS Students
Authors: Jain SR, Nahar PS, Baig MM

Effect of Select Yogasanas and Pranayama Practices on Selected Physiological and Biochemical Variables among University Football Players
Authors: Dr. T. Sivaprasad