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Research Paper, Medical Surgical, India, Volume 7 Issue 2, February 2018

350 - 353

To Study the Prevalence and Risk Factors of Retinopathy of Prematurity at a Tertiary Care Centre in Agra

Dr. Snigdha Sen, Dr. Pankaj Kumar, Dr. Neetu Saharan, Dr. Moumita Barman

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Case Studies, Medical Science, India, Volume 8 Issue 2, February 2019

155 - 158

Fetus in Fetu: Case Report of a 17 Years Old Male and Literature Review

Sumedha Gargy, Nishant Sinha, Danish Nadeem

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Informative Article, Medical Surgical, India, Volume 6 Issue 10, October 2017

467 - 469

A Case Report On Twins Pregnancy in Bicornuate Uterus with Ruptured Right Rudimentory Horn: A Rarest Entity

Dr. Narbat Chaudhary, Dr. Hina V. Oza, Dr. Hafsa M. Vohra

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Case Studies, Gynaecology, India, Volume 5 Issue 5, May 2016

67 - 73

The Management of Second Twin and its Perinatal Outcome in Comparison with First Twin

Dr. T. Shobha, Dr. Rohini

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Research Paper, Medicine Science, India, Volume 3 Issue 7, July 2014

1329 - 1333

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Health Education on Knowledge with Reference to Prevention and Home Management of Diarrhoea Among Mothers of Under Five Children in Selected Rural Area at Karad Taluka

Tina Joseph, Prakash Naregal

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Case Studies, Geography, India, Volume 4 Issue 7, July 2015

1129 - 1132

The Relationship Between Changing Coastal Physical Condition and Cultural Aspect- A Case Study of the Coastal Stretch of Digha-Sankarpur,West Bengal, India

Arup Dey

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Case Studies, Law, India, Volume 7 Issue 2, February 2018

1077 - 1079

Use of DNA Technique to Search and Identify the Mother of Abdanoned Foetus - A Case Study

Dr. Rajeev Kawatra, Dr. G. Pandu

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Research Paper, Biology, Saudi Arabia, Volume 3 Issue 12, December 2014

538 - 541

The Enhancement of Scripted in the Development of Cloned Sheep Embryos

Alhimaidi A., AlGady M., Iwamoto D., Almutary M., Alfuraje M., Alzeer F., Barakat I., Kandeel S, Iritani A.

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Review Papers, Computer Science & Engineering, India, Volume 4 Issue 3, March 2015

974 - 976

Differentiating Identical Twins by Using Conditional Face Recognition Algorithms

Swati Y. Dhote, A. D. Gotmare, M. S. Nimbart

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Research Paper, Management, India, Volume 4 Issue 3, March 2015

2310 - 2315

The Impact of Board Structures on Shareholders Returns

Vincent Konadu Tawiah, Muhaheranwa Benjamin

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Research Paper, Computer Science & Engineering, India, Volume 4 Issue 6, June 2015

2402 - 2405

Finger Vein Recognition Using Minutiae Extraction and Curve Analysis

Komal Bansal, Supreet Kaur

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Research Paper, Anthropology Science, India, Volume 5 Issue 4, April 2016

2296 - 2300

Formulation of Longitudinal Flexion Creases: Validation of Inheritance, Twin Diagnosis and Ethnic Variation

Anjali Pandey, A. N. Sharma

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Review Papers, Nursing, India, Volume 8 Issue 6, June 2019

1853 - 1854

Vanishing Twin Syndrome

Beulah Jasmine Rao

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Case Studies, Gynaecology, Sri Lanka,,%20August%20201

1005 - 1008

Expectant Management of an Acardiac Twin Pregnancy

S. H. Dodampahala, M.S.E. Karunadasa

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Case Studies, Obstetrics and Gynecology, India, Volume 10 Issue 3, March 2021

163 - 164

Spontaneous Resolution of Idiopathic Hydrops in One Twin of a Dichorionic Twin Pregnancy

Srimathy Raman, Ashwini Athreya, Savitha Shirodkar, Padmalatha Venkataram

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Research Paper, Agriculture, India, Volume 10 Issue 1, January 2021

1509 - 1516

Higher Seed Production through IPNM in Cajanus cajan Linn (Mill Sp)

B. M. Rajurkar

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