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Review Papers, Industrial Engineering, India, Volume 3 Issue 6, June 2014

Pages: 308 - 310

Evaluation of Aesthetic Parameters of Indian Car (Moderate Cost): A Case Study of North India - A Review

Amanrana, Dr. Suman Kant

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The regional literature called kalindaqdaq poem has grown for a long time and still existed in the Mandar regional language user community in West Sulawesi Province. Kalindaqdaq poem serves as a means of communication at certain times and situations. One of the things that attracts attention from this poem is the style of language used by its creator. This literary work is present to express the feeling and thoughts or ideas of the conveyor as speakers to the recipient as a listener. The focus of this paper is the style of kalindaqdaq poem. Stylistics examines the traditional regional poetic language style. The language styles of the studied kalindaqdaq poem include linguistic styles (1) comparison, (2) lexical deviation, (3) repetition, and (4) personification. The style of kalindaqdaq poem describes some of the identity, personality or character Mandar people. The stylistic study of this Mandarese kalindaqdaq poem acts as an introduction