International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 7 Issue 8, August 2018: Page 10

Research Paper, Medical Science, Sudan

Pages: 547 - 552, Hits: 132

Assessment of Superior and Inferior End plates In Normal lumbar Vertebrae from L1 to L5, Using Computed Tomography in Sudanese Population

Hisham A.Y Gasmallah, Caroline Edward Ayad

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Research Paper, Civil Engineering, Iraq

Pages: 553 - 561, Hits: 111

Sensitivity of Water Surface Elevation Level in the Tigris River within Baghdad city to the Changes in the Value of Mannings Roughness Coefficient

Saeb Al Chalabi, Mustafa Al Aukaidy

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Research Paper, Language Research, Palestinian Territories

Pages: 562 - 568, Hits: 135

Music Matters for Text Recall: The Difference between a Song and a Poem for Teaching of a Foreign Language in the Classroom

Ghada Shbeitah

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Research Paper, Material Science and Engineering, India

Pages: 569 - 575, Hits: 122

Microstructural Characterization of Li-Ion Battery Separator using Scanning Electron Microscopy

Rekha L, Venkateswarlu M, Jagadish M

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Research Paper, Veterinary Sciences, India

Pages: 576 - 577, Hits: 119

Surgical Correction of Extensively Large Mammary Tumor in Mouse: A Case Report

Dr. Amol Yamgar, Dr. D. U. Lokhande, Dr. G. U. Yadav, Dr. Dakhane Prajyot S.

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Informative Article, Biotechnology, France

Pages: 578 - 581, Hits: 69


Jean Marius D'Alexandris

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Research Paper, Linguistics, Vietnam

Pages: 582 - 592, Hits: 157

Strategies of Positive Politeness in Inviting and Declining Invitations in Vietnamese

Duong Bach Nhat

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Review Papers, Computers in Industry, Kenya

Pages: 593 - 602, Hits: 148

Web Application Development Issues and e-business Software Development Life Cycle

Patrick N. Kiratu, Felix N. Musau

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Research Paper, Zoology, India

Pages: 603 - 605, Hits: 143

Determination of Lethal Concentration (LC 50) of Channa Striata

Suja.S, Sherly Williams.E

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M.Tech / M.E / PhD Thesis, Manufacturing Technology, India

Pages: 606 - 609, Hits: 137

Analytical Study of Aluminum Matrix Composite using Experimental Determination

S. Kumar, Dr. Sudesh Kumar, Krishna

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