International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 10 Issue 6, June 2021: Page 9

Research Paper, Computer Science & Engineering, India

Pages: 314 - 318, Hits: 9

Parkinson Disease Detection Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Yatharth Nakul, Ankit Gupta, Hritik Sachdeva

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Research Paper, Environmental Science Studies, Nigeria

Pages: 319 - 326, Hits: 1

Comparative Assessment of Proximate Analysis, Minerals Content and Heavy Metal Accumulation in Ripe and Unripe Capsicum frutescens, Capsicum chinenses and Capsicum annuum using Mile 12 International Market as a Case Study

Adu A.A., Aderinola O.J., Avoseh O., Onewo L.D., Sylvester S.D., Emmanuel O.F., Adeboyejo O.A

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Research Paper, Nursing, India

Pages: 327 - 329, Hits: 2

A Descriptive Study to Assess the Knowledge and Practice Regarding Respiratory Tract Infection among Mothers of Fewer than Five Years Age Children at Selected Hospitals, Jaipur

Surendra Singh Gurjar

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Student Project, Structural Engineering, India

Pages: 330 - 335, Hits: 1

Experimental Study on BFRP Confined Concrete in Stub Elements

K. Uma Manimegalai, P. Rajeswaran

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Masters Thesis, Biomedical Sciences, Indonesia

Pages: 336 - 339, Hits: 2

Comparison between Oral Simvastatin and the Addition of Mung Bean Sprout (Vigna radiata) Extract to Improve Lipid Profile and Decrease F2-isoprostane Level in Wistar Male Rats (Rattus norvegicus) with Dyslipidemia

Jessica Novia Chandra Wijaya, Anak Agung Gde Budhiarta, Ida Sri Iswari

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Research Paper, Textile Science and Technology, India

Pages: 340 - 344, Hits: 2

An Exploratory Study on Scope of Fashionable Thangka Clothing Business Growth Perception by Retailers of Himachal Pradesh

Pradeep Mandal

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Research Paper, Social Science, Tanzania

Pages: 345 - 350, Hits: 4

Challenges Facing Women in Securing Employment in Zanzibar Public Sector Organizations

Zuweina Abdullah Nassor, Salama Yussuf

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Review Papers, Medical Science, India

Pages: 351 - 354, Hits: 3

Cytokine Storm in COVID-19

Dr. Arup Halder

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Survey Paper, Ophthalmology, India

Pages: 355 - 360, Hits: 1

Cataract Operations by Arvind Medicos Services: Attempts for Awareness and Brining Hope for Commoner from Tamil Nadu, to Enjoy Life, Colors and for Well-being

Dr. Priyanka P. Parihar, Dr. Haripriya A, Dr Sathya Ravilla

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Research Paper, Earth Science and Engineering, Ghana

Pages: 361 - 367, Hits: 1

The Use of Electrical Resistivity Survey for Groundwater Exploration in Ga West Municipality, Greater Accra Region, Ghana

Emmanuel Mensah Teye

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