International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 9 Issue 5, May 2020: Page 8

Research Paper, Computer Engineering, Iraq

Pages: 288 - 292, Hits: 163

Deep Learning-based Deaf & Mute Gesture Translation System

Azher Atallah Fahad, Hassan Jaleel Hassan, Salma Hameedi Abdullah

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Research Paper, Nursing, India

Pages: 293 - 302, Hits: 138

Effectiveness of a Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge regarding Risk Factors and Preventive Measures for Suicidal Behaviour among Adolescents Studying in a selected Pre-University College at Kudal

Nagaraj Sunagar

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Research Paper, Fisheries and Aquatic Environmental Management, Philippines

Pages: 303 - 307, Hits: 107

Effects of Temperature Shock on the Hematological Indices of Blackchin Tilapia Sarotherodon melanotheron (R?ppel, 1853) Reared in Seawater

Yashier Upling Jumah

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Informative Article, Medical Science, India

Pages: 308 - 318, Hits: 459

Review of the Available Treatment for COVID-19

Dr. Darshankumar Manubhai Raval, Dr. Vaishnavi Rathod, Dr. Dhwani Maheshwari, Dr. Poojan Thakkar, Dr. Tejas Gopalkrishnan, Dr. Tapan Patel

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Research Paper, Ophthalmology, India

Pages: 319 - 324, Hits: 129

A Comparative Study of Topical Voriconazole and Topical Natamycin in Patients with Fungal Corneal Ulcers - A Clinical Study in a Tertiary Care Hospital

Dr. N. K. Bora, Dr. Prasenjit Kalita, Dr. Iku Dutt

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Research Paper, Accounting, India

Pages: 330 - 332, Hits: 151

A Study on Measuring Liquidity of Selected Indian Automobile Companies

Modi Vishakhaben

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Research Paper, Religion, India

Pages: 333 - 334, Hits: 133

The Effects of Theravada Buddhism in Social and Culture of Vietnam

Trinh Thi Ut

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Research Paper, Psychology, India

Pages: 335 - 338, Hits: 178

Socio-Demographic Variables and Temperament among High School Students

Dr. Nalini Totuka, Saba Khan

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Research Paper, Mechatronic Engineering, Congo

Pages: 339 - 344, Hits: 145

Feasibility Study of an in-Tank Oil Purification for an Operating Transformer (Case of the ZYD50 Purifier of Frontier Mine)

MIJ Mujing Corneille, KABONGO Monga Chriss, MUTUND Kalej Daddy

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Research Paper, Electronics & Computer Engineering, India

Pages: 345 - 347, Hits: 118

Pattern Recognition - Product Sales Analysis Using SARIMA Model in Time Series Forecasting

Ruchir Kulkarni, Milind Rane

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