International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 9 Issue 12, December 2020: Page 7

Research Paper, Information Technology, Saudi Arabia

Pages: 276 - 284, Hits: 103

Business Process Intelligence: A Case Study of Request a Ride

Zelal Shearah, Somayah Aljohi, Salma Althebiani, Nedaa Almuallim, Salma Alhag

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Review Papers, Computer Engineering, India

Pages: 285 - 287, Hits: 70

A Secure Code Based Storage System in Cloud

Dr. K. Karuppasamy, Margret Sharmila

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Research Paper, Microbiology, India

Pages: 288 - 290, Hits: 75

Quantitative Analysis of Caffeine by Percent Degradation Assay and Iodometric Titration

Bhailume Meenal V., Shinde Shubhangi R

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Research Paper, Ophthalmology, India

Pages: 291 - 295, Hits: 60

Comparison between Measurement of Central Corneal Thickness by Non-Contact Clinical Specular Microscope and Ocular Coherence Tomography

Dr. Vimal J. Vyas, Dr. Mihir V. Vaidya

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Research Paper, Architecture & Planning, India

Pages: 296 - 306, Hits: 91

New Look at Building Facades: Creative Low Energy Efficieny Facades

Nikhil Harry, Neelam Kushwah

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Masters Thesis, Biomedical Sciences, Indonesia

Pages: 307 - 311, Hits: 63

Administration of Bajakah (Spatholobus littoralis Hassk) Stem Ethanol Extract Increased the Number of Leydig Cells and Testosterone Levels in Male Wistar Rats (Rattus Norvegicus) with Excessive Swimming Activity

Monika Indriani Kurnianto, Wimpie Pangkahila, A. A. A. N. Susraini

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Short Communication, Economics, India

Pages: 312 - 318, Hits: 226

The Role of Stigma Cost in Child Labor

Saptorshi Gupta

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Research Paper, Social Science, Cambodia

Pages: 319 - 328, Hits: 59

Blended Learning: Investigative the Role of Sangapac Online Learning Platform in the Growth of First Grade Students Khmer Vocabulary Scores

Bunlot Khoy

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Review Papers, Management, India

Pages: 329 - 334, Hits: 77

ICT Applications in Management

Dr D S Kushwaha, Sushmita Singh, Kaushal Chandra

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Research Paper, Science and Technology, Philippines

Pages: 335 - 337, Hits: 64

Acceptance of Type 2 Diabetes Patients in Veitchia merrillii Fruits (Bunga de Tsina) as an Alternative Medicine in Lowering Blood Sugar Level

Gemma DC Santos

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