International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 8 Issue 5, May 2019: Page 47

Research Paper, Pharmaceutical Science, India

Pages: 2170 - 2173, Hits: 136

Neuroprotective Activity of Saussrealappa (Clarke) on Experimental Animal Model

S. Parveen, B. Benjamin Samuel, S. Sunil Kumar

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Comparative Studies, Education Management, India

Pages: 2174 - 2177, Hits: 119

A Comparative Study of Bal/Balika Ashram and Parent Home Adolescents on Social Adjustment

Dr. Dheeraj Verma, Dr Ruchi Verma

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Research Paper, Physical Education, India

Pages: 2178 - 2179, Hits: 121

Yoga and Physical Education

Okram Jotin Singh

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Research Paper, Mining, Congo

Pages: 2180 - 2189, Hits: 122

Optimization of the Ventilation Circuit under Ventsim Software Application to the Kinsenda Underground Mine

Mbuya Mukombo Jr., Maneno Kanyanduru E., Ngoy Kisumpa M., Bokwala Bonkeka F.

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Research Paper, Computers in Biology and Medicine, Kenya

Pages: 2190 - 2194, Hits: 132

Determinants of User Interface Design for the Visually Impaired

Amuomo Nixon, Anino Edward

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Research Paper, Geophysics, Cameroon

Pages: 2195 - 2198, Hits: 126

Normal Gravity Field Computation for the Evaluation of Terrestrial Reference Systems for the Modeling of Gravity Anomalies in Cameroon

Eloundou Essama Lionel Fernand, Kue Petou Rokis Malquaire, Kande Houetchak Ludovic, Nouayou Robert

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Informative Article, Economics, India

Pages: 2199 - 2206, Hits: 195

Child Labour in India: Causes and Consequences

B. Suresh Lal

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Research Paper, Chemistry, India

Pages: 2207 - 2211, Hits: 0

Comparative Study of Adsorption Kinetics of Ni (Ii) Using China Clay and Flyash as Adsorbents

Dr. P. P. Vishwakarma

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