International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 10 Issue 2, February 2021: Page 6

Research Paper, Computer Science, Albania

Pages: 255 - 260, Hits: 75

A Study of the Advantages and Challenges in the Implementation of E-gov in Transition Countries

Ina Hyseni

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Doctoral Thesis, Radiology and Medical Imaging Sciences, India

Pages: 261 - 264, Hits: 70

Role of DWI in the Evaluation of Intracranial Lesions

Dr Aditya Verma, Dr Mohd Zahid Batt, Dr Abhinav Chetan

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Research Paper, Commerce and Law, India

Pages: 265 - 268, Hits: 62

Social and Environmental Accounting Research: Recent Developments and Future Directions

Dr. Suresh, Nikita Choudhary

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Comparative Studies, Geography, India

Pages: 269 - 284, Hits: 85

Spatiotemporal Analysis on Urban Expansion and Air Quality Index: A Recapitulate Analysis on Environmental Determinism and Anthropogenic Determinism which are more Responsible for Microclimatic Modification of Various Cities in India

Mintu Jana, Taniya Roy

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Case Studies, Medicine, India

Pages: 285 - 286, Hits: 61

Anaesthetic Implications of En Bloc Kidney Transplant from 11 Month Old Donor to an Adult Recipient: A Case Report

Shivali Sandal, Surender Kumar, Dr. Guriqbal Singh

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Research Paper, Ceramics, Egypt

Pages: 287 - 289, Hits: 62

Assessment of Using PCCA in Green Concrete Production

Amal Zamrawi Hassani Hamdnallah

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Research Paper, Literature, India

Pages: 290 - 291, Hits: 67

Portrayal of Class, Caste and Gender in the Contemporary Novels Set in the Society

Bhavana K Naik

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Masters Thesis, Nursing, India

Pages: 292 - 295, Hits: 78

Effectiveness of Individual Planned Teaching Programme (PTP) to the Caregivers on Prevention of Pressure Sores among Caregivers of Immobilised Patients

Aparna B Raj

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Review Papers, Orthopedic, China

Pages: 296 - 304, Hits: 63

Dislocation of Hip Replacement

Dr. Ahmed Jama, Xiong Ying

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Case Studies, Medical Surgical, Indonesia

Pages: 305 - 307, Hits: 72

Adult Onset Hirschsprungs Disease: A Case Report

Felicia Adelina Shannen, Andika, I Made Adi Surya Wijaya

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