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International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 11 Issue 7, July 2022: Page 34

Research Paper, Radiology and Medical Imaging Sciences, India

Pages: 1682 - 1685, Hits: 0

Evaluation of Intracranial Ring Enhancing Lesions by MRI and MR Spectroscopy

Dr. Md. Shamim Ahmad, Dr. Swayambhu Shubham

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Research Paper, Medicine, India

Pages: 1686 - 1689, Hits: 1

A Ayurvedic Metaphysical Study of Haridradi Ghrita in the Management of Bahupitta Kamala

Dr. Sanjay A. Dhurve

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Research Paper, Economics & Finance, Indonesia

Pages: 1690 - 1694, Hits: 2

The Effect of Sales System Effectiveness on Internal Control of Receivables in a Company

Hasbiana Dalimunthe

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Research Paper, Medical Science, India

Pages: 1695 - 1698, Hits: 0

The Deficiency and Insufficiency Status of Vitamin D in Chennai Population

Dr. R. Dhananjayan

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Research Paper, Speech Language Pathology, India

Pages: 1699 - 1702, Hits: 1

Comparison of Vocal Hygiene Awareness among Ustad and Khatib

Febha Mary Chacko, Dr. Satish Kumaraswamy, Muhammed Ashkar CH

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Research Paper, Microbiology, India

Pages: 1703 - 1705, Hits: 0

Molecular Serotyping of Dengue Viruses in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Western Odisha

Sudipta Kumar Ram

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Research Paper, Electronics & Communication Engineering, India

Pages: 1706 - 1708, Hits: 0

Image Enhancement Techniques Using Matlab Functions

Telagamalla Gopi

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Case Studies, Dentistry, India

Pages: 1709 - 1713, Hits: 0

A Special Case Report of Mucormycosis with Insight into its Pathophysiology

Dhanya Sasikumar, Latha Mary Cherian, Binuja Varghese, Krishnapriya S

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Research Paper, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Indonesia

Pages: 1714 - 1716, Hits: 0

Primigravida Patient with Placenta Previa Totalis; A Case Report

Nyoman Kabella Cinthya Devi, I Gusti Gede Mayun Surya Darma

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Doctoral Thesis, Medicine, India

Pages: 1717 - 1721, Hits: 0

Intraoperative Awareness and Post Operative Recall and Cognitive Dysfunction in Patients Undergoing Off Pump Coronary Artery by Pass Grafting with Intravenous Propofol v/s Dexmedetomidine - A Randomised Control Study

Gururaj S. Tanthry Priyanka G. D.

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