International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 7 Issue 10, October 2018: Page 30

Research Paper, Physics Science, India

Pages: 1372 - 1378, Hits: 122

Entropy Change and Free Energy Change in the Liquid-Vapor Phase Transition of Alkali Metals

R. Balasubramanian, A. Kowsarbanu, A. Ramesh

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Research Paper, Medical Science, Indonesia

Pages: 1379 - 1382, Hits: 127

Evaluation of Contrast Sensitivity Assessment for Optic Nerve Toxicity Caused by Ethambutol Therapy in Tuberculosis Patient

Franky Frans Sihombing, Bobby RE Sitepu, Bintang YM Sinaga

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Research Paper, Gynaecology, India

Pages: 1383 - 1385, Hits: 137

Carboprost Versus Oxytocin in Active Management of Third Stage of Labour

Dr. Vishwa Tuvar, Dr. Kahan Chavda, Dr. D. A. Chavda

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M.Tech / M.E / PhD Thesis, Public Health Education, Rwanda

Pages: 1386 - 1393, Hits: 134

Assessment of Factors Associated with Occupational Injuries among Municipal Solid Waste Workers? in Kigali City, Rwanda, 2016

MUGABO John, Prof. Kato Njunwa, Dr. John GACHOHI

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Research Paper, Decision Science, India

Pages: 1394 - 1401, Hits: 137

Effect of IT Stock Prices on NIFTY 50 - An Empirical Analysis on Indian Stock Market

Abhijit Biswas

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Comparative Studies, Pharmaceutical Science, India

Pages: 1402 - 1406, Hits: 125

Material Compatibility Study of IMAGO & Getter Disinfectants

Imran Memon, Tahur Shaikh, Idris Khan, Surjeet Samanta

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Informative Article, Medical Science, India

Pages: 1407 - 1409, Hits: 138

Kriyakala Vivechana in Amavata

Vindhyarani G.B., Muralidhara, Vijayalakshmi

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Research Paper, Medical Science, India

Pages: 1410 - 1415, Hits: 133

Obturator Nerve Block in Lithotomy Position to Prevent Adductor Muscle Contraction during Trans-Urethral Resection of Bladder Tumours

Dr. Apurva Rajurkar, Dr. Mansi Swaminarayan, Dr. Neha Ahuja, Dr. Satvikajanarthanam

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Review Papers, Dental Science, Bulgaria

Pages: 1416 - 1420, Hits: 117

Review: Biomimetic Approach for Remineralization of Human Enamel

Alexander Bonchev, Marin Simeonov, Radosveta Vassileva

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Research Paper, Engineering Science, Turkey

Pages: 1421 - 1425, Hits: 124

A Software Application for Querying AQI Index Parameter Related to Air Pollution Using cURL in PHP

Abdurrahman Ozbeyaz

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