International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 6 Issue 11, November 2017: Page 29

Research Paper, Education Management, Indonesia

Pages: 1413 - 1416, Hits: 161

The Effectiveness of Context and Creativity Based Learning Models as an Effort in Improving Scientific Literacy at Elementary School

Sistiana Windyariani, Setiono, Astri Sutisnawati

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Research Paper, Civil Engineering, India

Pages: 1417 - 1424, Hits: 122

Study on Liner Material Using Red Soil, Bentonite Mixture for Engineered Landfill

Rehana Parveen, Dr. U.C. Kalita

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Research Paper, Statistics, India

Pages: 1425 - 1428, Hits: 112

The Role of Age & Gender in Awareness of E - Banking Services

Maitrey Bhagat

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Research Paper, Mathematics, China

Pages: 1429 - 1433, Hits: 122

Study on the Properties of Penalized Logistic Regression with Adaptive Elastic Net

Qiang Hua, Shi Peng Zhao, Shaojing Lian

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Research Paper, Physiotherapy, Saudi Arabia

Pages: 1434 - 1438, Hits: 103

Awareness of Doctors Regarding the Role of Physiotherapy in the Management of Stress Incontinence

Aisha Ansari, Afrah Hamad Mutlaq Alhashal, Shahid Ali

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Research Paper, Knowledge Management, Iraq

Pages: 1439 - 1445, Hits: 102

The Impact on the Efficiency of Time Management Performance in Government Secondary Schools (The Kurdistan Region a Model)

Dr. Nadema Ahmed Rahim Raheem

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Research Proposals or Synopsis, Mechanical Engineering, India

Pages: 1446 - 1449, Hits: 112

Test Protocol for Accelerated Creep and Transient Thermo-Mechanical Testing of Super Critical Steam Turbine Rotor

Bishnu Pada Pal, M Naga Suresh, K Ramakrishna, A Narayana Teja, Supak Pore, Prabhat Kr. Hensh, Somnath Nandi, Maneesh Batrani

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Research Paper, Linguistics, Uzbekistan

Pages: 1450 - 1453, Hits: 120

The Usage of Aquired Phraseologisms in Artistic and Journalistic Work

Adashulloyeva Gulnoza Mukhaybinovna

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Research Paper, Archaeology, India

Pages: 1454 - 1458, Hits: 107

Importance of Tour Schedule and Conservation of Mr. G. Yazdani the Director of Archaeology Department in Hyderabad State from the Period of 1345 F. (1935-36 A.C.)

Dr. Jayaram Gollapudi

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Dissertation Chapters, Political Science, Kenya

Pages: 1459 - 1464, Hits: 103

The Nature of Cooperation between Civil Society Organizations and Security Agencies in Community Policing in Kibera Kenya

Mwenda Flora Tira, Okuto Emily Adhiambo

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