International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 7 Issue 7, July 2018: Page 25

Research Paper, Aerospace Engineering, India

Pages: 1447 - 1451, Hits: 117

Skin Friction Analysis of MHD Flow Past a Parabolic Started Infinite Isothermal Vertical Plate in the Presence of Thermal Radiation and Chemical Reaction

M. Vijayabarathi, V. Visalakshi

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Case Studies, Management, India

Pages: 1452 - 1459, Hits: 112

Breaking Monopoly in Digital Markets

Ayushi Narula, Kaustubh Saxena, Cheena Agarwal, Kartik Goyal

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Research Paper, Medical Science, Kenya

Pages: 1460 - 1468, Hits: 53

Factors Influencing Willingness to Use Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis among Male Homosexuals at the SWOP Clinic

Apollo Gitau; Makobu Kimani; Consolata 'M' Mayi

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Research Paper, Finance, China

Pages: 1469 - 1471, Hits: 107

The Application of Option Pricing Model in Financing Guarantee Rate Pricing of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Pengbo Yang, Huan Zhang

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Survey Paper, Software Engineering, Jordan

Pages: 1472 - 1483, Hits: 113

Service Composition Formal Techniques in Service Oriented Architecture: A Survey

Amjad Hudaib, Katrina Sundus, Sandi N. Fakhouri

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Case Studies, Veterinary Medicine, India

Pages: 1484 - 1485, Hits: 109

Management of Paraphimosis in a Bull: A Case Report

Dr. Gunajit Das, Dr. Pubaleem Deka

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Research Paper, Immunology, Indonesia

Pages: 1486 - 1491, Hits: 110

In Vitro Responses of Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells to Candidate Vaccine Based on the M2e Peptide of Influenza Virus

Toto Subroto, Intan A Herowati, Rahma Fauziah, Muhammad Yusuf, Idar

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Research Paper, Medical Surgical, India

Pages: 1492 - 1501, Hits: 111

Retrospective Analysis of 101 Consecutive Cases of Pancreaticoduodenectomy in Single Center

Dr. S. Karthikeyan, Dr. A. Sastha

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Comparative Studies, Medical Science, India

Pages: 1502 - 1519, Hits: 111

Prospective Open Case Control Comparative Study of Intraarticular Injection of Low and High Molecular Weight Viscosupplement in Osteoarthritis of Knee when given with and without Steroid and to assess the Use of C-arm in Target Delivery of Viscosupplement in Knee Joint Cavity

Samikrishnan Perumal, Maruthu Thurai Sambandam, Senthakrishna Thangaraj

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Research Paper, Geography, Nepal

Pages: 1520 - 1524, Hits: 118

Contribution of Tourism on Nepalese Economy

Shiba Prasad Rijal

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