International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 4 Issue 8, August 2015: Page 24

Research Paper, Biology, Libya

Pages: 1040 - 1048, Hits: 112

Sodium Nitrite Induced Biochemical Alterations in the Blood Serum and its Amelioration by Aqueous Extract of Libyan Propolis in Guinea Pigs

Gamal J. A. Aboulgasem, Azab El-Sayed Azab, Mahdi M. Almaky

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Research Paper, Computer Science & Engineering, Bangladesh

Pages: 1049 - 1054, Hits: 118

Swarm Intelligence Algorithm with Guided Exploitations: A Case Study with Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm

Syeda Shabnam Hasan, Md. Shahriar Rahman

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Research Paper, Physics Science, Nigeria

Pages: 1055 - 1061, Hits: 118

Energy and Efficiency Calibrations for High Purity Germanium GEM30195 Coaxial Detector USING k0-IAEA Software

Joseph E., Nasiru R., Sadiq U., Ahmed, Y. A.

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Case Studies, Medical Surgical, India

Pages: 1062 - 1063, Hits: 118

Successful Pregnancy Outcome and Uneventful Vaginal Hysterectomy in Uterine Didelyphys

Dr Rajini Uday, Dr Chaitra Shivananjaiah, Dr Syed Humaid

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Research Paper, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Tanzania

Pages: 1064 - 1068, Hits: 111

Transforming Voters Registration Paradigm in Tanzania, The Shift from OMR to BVR

Dennis N Mwighusa

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Research Paper, Management, India

Pages: 1069 - 1073, Hits: 117

Gender Inequities in India's Urban Governance

Mahendra Sethi, Shilpi Mittal

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Research Paper, Zoology, India

Pages: 1074 - 1077, Hits: 107

The Behavioural Strategy of Orb Weaving Spider Zygiella Indica Tikader & Bal, 1980 (Araneae: Araneidae)

M. P. Chikhale, Santape G. B.

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Research Paper, Mechanical Engineering, India

Pages: 1078 - 1083, Hits: 126

Prototype Development of Milling Machine Using CAD/CAM

Nikita R. Saharkar, Girish M. Dhote

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Survey Paper, Medicine Science, Albania

Pages: 1084 - 1086, Hits: 109

Food and Waterborne Outbreaks in Albania, 2005-2014

Artan Bego, Sivia Bino

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Review Papers, Biochemistry Science, India

Pages: 1087 - 1089, Hits: 108

Gene Therapy-A Novel Approach in Genetics

Dr. Meenakshy Gora, Dr. Hanuman Prasad Jaipal

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