International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 9 Issue 8, August 2020: Page 21

Research Paper, Urban and Regional Planning, India

Pages: 1110 - 1113, Hits: 79

Investigation on Impact of Junctions on the Frequency of Road, Case of Uttar Pradesh

Divyansh Srivastava, Dr. Subhrajit Banerjee, Dr. Indrani Chakraborty

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Research Paper, Environmental and Life Science, Congo

Pages: 1114 - 1120, Hits: 90

Physico-Chemical and Microbiological Assessments of Water Wells Consumed in Tshamilemba and Kabetsha Quarters, Lubumbashi Suburb in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Mutshitshi Kasongo Isaac, Mwamba Tshilumba Pierrot, Biayi Benaja Marthin, Bokanya Impele Alex, Kalonji Ndoumba Jean-Baptise

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Review Papers, Dentistry, Bulgaria

Pages: 1121 - 1125, Hits: 85

Regenerative Endodontics and Its Application in the Treatment of Mature Permanent Teeth - A Review

E. Karteva, T. Karteva, N. Manchorova

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Review Papers, Mathematics, India

Pages: 1126 - 1128, Hits: 90

Comment on a New Quadratic Formulation to Ensure Maximum Profit of a Textile Industry and a Modified Harmonic Average Technique to Solve Multi Objective Quadratic Programming Problem (MOQPP) by Margia Yesmin and Md. Abdul Alim

Chandra Sen

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Research Paper, Marketing, Indonesia

Pages: 1129 - 1131, Hits: 90

A Measurement Tool to Analyze Consumers Purchase Decision Making towards Social Media Marketing on Instagram

Nur Islah Prestyasih, Indrawati

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Research Paper, Physiotherapy, India

Pages: 1132 - 1135, Hits: 123

Rehabilitation of Post Operative Tendon Release Surgery in Lower Limb in Cerebral Palsy Patients

Zahid Ahmad Khan, Dr. Manish Shrivastava

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Informative Article, Mathematics, India

Pages: 1136 - 1141, Hits: 93

Math mania: Meaning, Problems and Ways of Effective Teaching and Learning Mathematics at Basic Level Education in Nepal

Rajendra Kunwar

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Research Paper, Geography, India

Pages: 1142 - 1153, Hits: 107

Spatio-Temporal Variation in Population Growth of South Bihar Plain: A District Level Study (1901 - 2011)

Dr. Shahid Imam

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Review Papers, Medical Science, Egypt

Pages: 1154 - 1158, Hits: 112

COVID-19: A Review in COVID-19 Infections and Treatment through Understanding Viral First Main Steps in Respiratory Cells

Ashraf Marzouk El Tantawi

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Research Paper, Fisheries, India

Pages: 1159 - 1164, Hits: 132

Antibacterial Activities of Striped Snakehead Murrel Fish Channa striata Autochthonous Gut Bacterium Achromobacter xylosixidans against Bacterial Fish Pathogens

Murugan Parivallal, Sekar Harikrishnan, Alager Kartick, Singaram Jayalakshmi

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