International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 9 Issue 5, May 2020: Page 21

Research Paper, Surgery, India

Pages: 1049 - 1052, Hits: 102

Small Bowel Intussusception with Idiopatic Volvulus in Adolescents - A Rare Case Report

Dr. Sathish Rajkumar, Dr. Harish Kumaar, Dr. Sharath Rajkumar, Dr. Manoj Annanthappan, Dr. M. Rajkumar

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Research Paper, Health and Medical Sciences, India

Pages: 1053 - 1055, Hits: 97

Clinical Outcome in the Treatment of Fungal Keratitis Receiving 1% Voriconazole and 5% Natamycin

Bharati Gogoi, Emee Gogoi

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Research Paper, Bacteriology, India

Pages: 1056 - 1058, Hits: 104

Assessment of Bacterial Profile and Antimicrobial Resistance Pattern of Bacterial Isolates from Blood Culture at Rims, Ranchi, Jharkhand

Manoj Kumar, Vidushi Topno, Ashok Kumar Sharma, Amber Prasad, Kumari Seema

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Research Paper, Genetics Science, India

Pages: 1059 - 1062, Hits: 122

Cytogenetics of Two Sexes of the Green Toad, Pseudepidalea viridis: First Report from Jammu and Kashmir, India

Neelam Saba, Wahied Khawar Balwan

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Research Paper, Medical Surgical, Afghanistan

Pages: 1063 - 1066, Hits: 131

Prevalence of Negative Appendectomy Based On Gross Assessment

Ahmadullah Danish, Samea Husham, Ghulamreza Reza, Abdulshakur Shirpor, Mohammad Asif Walizada, Farookhseyar Farooq, Tahmina Aini

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Research Paper, Earth and Planetary Science, Indonesia

Pages: 1069 - 1073, Hits: 103

Estimating the Solar Energy Potential over Indonesia Region Using Daily Sunshine Duration

Yesi C U Sianturi

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Research Paper, Natural Science, Philippines

Pages: 1074 - 1078, Hits: 94

Reduction of Bacillus cereus sensulato Biofilms on Stainless Steel Surfaces by Pestalotiopsis sp. Culture Crude Extract

Rener S. De Jesus, Gina R. Dedeles

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Research Paper, Physiotherapy, India

Pages: 1079 - 1084, Hits: 104

Correlation of Ankle Joint Position Sense (JPS) and Foot Posture Index (FPI) with Severity and Functional Disability in Individuals with Knee Osteoarthritis

Naushin Qureshi, Annamma Varghese

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Research Paper, Architecture & Planning, Palestinian Territories

Pages: 1085 - 1090, Hits: 124

The Influence of Bauhaus Architecture, Ramallah as Case Study-West Bank Palestine

Dr. Muain Qasem Jawabrah, Dr. Eng. Amjad Jarada, Dr. Usama Badawy

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Research Paper, Molecular and Cellular Engineering, Sudan

Pages: 1091 - 1096, Hits: 109

Molecular Characterization of Interleukin-8 Polymorphism among Patients with Black Grain Mycetoma, Gezira Mycetoma Center, Sudan (2019-2020)

Tahra Yahia Hassan, Mona Alfadil Elamin, Adam Dawoud, Azhari Mohammed Tyara, Mohammed Abdelwahed, Aliya Elamin, Mahjoub Makki, Alaa A. Mohammed Hamid, Aya A.M H Hassan

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