International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 11 Issue 2, February 2022: Page 21

Research Paper, Business Economics, Kenya

Pages: 985 - 990, Hits: 1

Empirical Evidence on the Causal Relationship between Savings and Economic Growth in Kenya

Luka K. Kiptui

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Masters Thesis, Economics, Turkey

Pages: 991 - 1000, Hits: 2

Reserve Option Mechanism from Monetary Policy Instruments Being Implemented in Turkey

Burhan DOGAN, Yasin ALTIN

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Research Paper, Business Economics, Kabarak

Pages: 1001 - 1006, Hits: 3

Debt and Economic Growth in Kenya: A Pre-COVID 19 Analysis

Luka K. Kiptui

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Review Papers, Medicine, Indonesia

Pages: 1007 - 1016, Hits: 1

Evolution of SARS-CoV-2 and Diagnostic Techniques For COVID-19

Indra Setiawan, William Alexander Setiawan

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Research Paper, Chemistry, Congo (DRC)

Pages: 1017 - 1019, Hits: 3

Chemical Composition of the Leaves of Two Wild Plants Consumed by the Population of Kisangani (DR Congo)

Faustin ETUTU, Basile SOLOMO, Celestin BAMAWA

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Research Paper, Education Management, Philippines

Pages: 1020 - 1024, Hits: 5

Academic Achievement and Let Performance of Teacher Education Graduates

Azel M. Valle, Martina A. Brobo

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Case Studies, Diagnostic Radiology, India

Pages: 1025 - 1027, Hits: 0

Synchronous Renal Cell Carcinoma and Hepatocellular Carcinoma - A Rare Case Report

Krohit Yadav, Kanupriya Agrawal, Manu Solanki, Nikita Jindal, Venkata Raviteja, Reddy Gayam

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Research Paper, Computer Science and Information Technology, Zimbabwe

Pages: 1028 - 1035, Hits: 1

Transmission Line Isolator Fault Detection Based on Deep Learning and UAV Imageries

Vaireti Mehlomakulu, Tirivangani Magadza

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Review Papers, Medicine Science, Malaysia

Pages: 1036 - 1036, Hits: 1

Advances in the Study of Multiple Sclerosis and the Immune Microenvironment

Yuanyuan Zou, Qinri Zheng

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Informative Article, Business Management, Indonesia

Pages: 1037 - 1044, Hits: 2

The Role of Bicube (Business Incubator Center) Polytechnic Stia Lan Bandung in the Digital Era with the Utilization of Technology for Tenants in West Java

Heny Handayani, Susi Susanti Tindaon

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