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Volume 4 Issue 9, September 2015: Page 3

Research Paper, Electronics & Communication Engineering, India

Pages: 98 - 104, Hits: 141

Study of the Effect of Barrage and Deception Jamming on a Radar System along with their Mitigation Technique

Surendra Khadka, Dr. M. S. Anuradha, Ch. Padmasree

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Research Paper, Mathematics, India

Pages: 105 - 107, Hits: 112

Some New Results on K-even Sequential Harmonious Labeling of Graphs

Dr. A. Manonmani, R. Savithiri

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Research Paper, Management, Nigeria

Pages: 108 - 115, Hits: 123

Perspectives on Socio-economic and Psychological Effects of Bitumen Exploration on Host Communities: A Case Study of Agbabu, Ondo State, Nigeria

Modupe Olayinka Ajayi

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Research Paper, Anatomy and Histology, Ethiopia

Pages: 116 - 119, Hits: 122

Performance Evaluation of Improved Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas L.) Varieties at Gedeo Zone, Southern Ethiopia

Berhanu Tigabu, Beniam Tilahun

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Research Paper, Electrical Engineering, India

Pages: 120 - 122, Hits: 146

Model Reference Adaptive Control on Glucose Regulation

Aneesha Antony, Nasar A

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Research Paper, Civil Engineering, India

Pages: 123 - 127, Hits: 123

Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) for Prediction of Groundwater Quality Index in Matar Taluka and Nadiad Taluka

Nikunj Ashiyani, Dr. T. M. V. Suryanarayana

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Research Paper, Medicine Science, India

Pages: 128 - 131, Hits: 133

Timing Strategies for Delivery of Individuals with Placenta Praevia and Accreta

Dr Nikita Gandotra, Dr Preeti Sharma

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Review Papers, Computer Science & Engineering, India

Pages: 132 - 135, Hits: 155

Application of Prime Numbers in Computer Science and the Algorithms Used To Test the Primality of a Number

Tejash Desai

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Dissertation Chapters, Environmental Science Studies, Indonesia

Pages: 136 - 140, Hits: 139

Economic Analysis of Agroforestry of Meranti (Shorea leprosula Miq) Planted Among Oil Palm Trees as a Model for Development of Environmentally Friendly Oil Palm Plantation in The Riau Province, Indonesia

Robin Takaweian, Almasdi Syahza, Usman Pato, Mubarak

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Dissertation Chapters, Pediatrics, India

Pages: 141 - 145, Hits: 132

Effectiveness of Two Distraction Techniques in Altering Behaviour Response to Pain among Children (1-3 years) Receiving Immunisation at Selected Immunisation Clinics in Mangalore

Mukesh Chandra Sharma, Theresa Leonilda Mendonca

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