International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 11 Issue 4, April 2022: Page 20

Research Paper, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, India

Pages: 995 - 1000, Hits: 1

Design of Low Power, Area Efficient and High Stability Multiple Frequency Output Phase Locked Loop for Multiphase Clocking Circuits

Pooja Thool, Dr. J. D. Dhande, Y. A. Sadawarte

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Working Project, Computer Engineering, India

Pages: 1001 - 1003, Hits: 1

Recognition of Potentially Dangerous Selfies in Real Life

VVS Prasad, P Sai Kiran

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Research Paper, Business Management, China

Pages: 1004 - 1011, Hits: 0

Exploring E-Commerce Delivery Challenges in Nigeria: A Dynamic Capabilities Perspective

John Olaghere, Faith Osiobe

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Case Studies, Medicine, India

Pages: 1012 - 1013, Hits: 2

A Case of Pneumothorax of the Rare Azygous Lobe of the Right Lung

Dr. K. Arun Vishnu, Dr. Athul C. Angaj, Dr. Priya Pankaj

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Case Studies, Dermatology, India

Pages: 1014 - 1016, Hits: 1

Incontinentia Pigmenti: A Case Report in a 1 Month Old Female Baby

Dr. Bonnyma Rongpharpi

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Research Paper, Mathematics, India

Pages: 1017 - 1019, Hits: 0

Total Graph of Z_n and It's Adjacency Matrix

Pinku Sarkar, Kuntala Patra

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Research Paper, Political Science, Vietnam

Pages: 1020 - 1023, Hits: 0

Relationship between Poor Leadership and Corruption

Dr. Nguyen Thi Le Thu

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Analysis Study Research Paper, Biomedical Sciences, India

Pages: 1024 - 1027, Hits: 1

Invitro Anti-Inflammatory Activity and Qualitative Bio-Chemical Analysis of Polyherbal Siddha Formulation - Vaathathukku Chooranam

Ananthi S, Divya Parvathi M, Balamurugan A

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Research Paper, Computer Science & Engineering, India

Pages: 1028 - 1031, Hits: 1

Machine Learning Approaches to Ambient Air Quality Prediction


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Experimental Result Paper, Physiotherapy, India

Pages: 1032 - 1036, Hits: 1

Immediate Effect of Anulom - Vilom Pranayama on Selected Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Parameters in Post COVID-19 Individuals - An Experimental Study

Sharma Neha Narendrabhai, Khyati Shah

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