International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 11 Issue 1, January 2022: Page 19

Masters Thesis, Nursing, India

Pages: 915 - 918, Hits: 1

Effect of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge, Attitude and Practice regarding Prevention and Control of Leptospirosis among National Rural Employment Guarantee Assurance (NREGA) Scheme Workers in Selected Panchayat of Pathanamthitta District

Jeena Kunjachan

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Survey Paper, Education Management, India

Pages: 919 - 922, Hits: 1

Learning Disability in IX Class Students of High Schools in Chennai District

Ilavarasi K., Dr. K. S. Premila

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Research Paper, Environmental Science Studies, Morocco

Pages: 923 - 933, Hits: 2

Life Cycle Assessment: Comparative Analysis of an Electric Wiring Harness Using Different Impact Methods


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Research Paper, Mathematics, India

Pages: 934 - 936, Hits: 1

Total k-rainbow Domatic Number

Pavitra P. Kumbargoudra, Shailaja S. Shirkol

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Book Review, English Language and Literature, India

Pages: 937 - 938, Hits: 0

Chacter of Uruvi: In Karna's Wife: An Outcaste's Queen

Dr. Aruna Sharma

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Research Paper, Physics, India

Pages: 939 - 942, Hits: 0

Quantum Mechanical Study of 4, 4'-Disubstituted Biphenyls: Part III: HO (CH2)5OC6H4. C6H4CN

Devesh Kumar

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Research Paper, Business Administration, Iraq

Pages: 943 - 952, Hits: 0

The Impact of Technostress on Employees' Well-Being: The Role of Work Engagement and Perceived Supervisor Support

Goran Mutalib Mohammed

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Case Studies, Ophthalmology, India

Pages: 953 - 956, Hits: 1

Pigment Dispersion Syndrome with Pigmentary Glaucoma - A Rare Case Report

Dr. Chiramana Supreeth Reddy, Dr. V. Panimalar A. Veeramani, Dr. Divya N, Dr. Bindu Bhaskaran

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Masters Thesis, Business Administration, Turkey

Pages: 957 - 967, Hits: 1

The Mediator Role of Employee Silence in the Relationship between Toxic Leadership Behaviour and Contextual Performance

Hawkar Hussein Rahman Rahman

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Research Paper, Chemistry, Nigeria

Pages: 968 - 978, Hits: 3

Synthesis and Characterization of Mixed Complexes of Co (II) and Fe (II)

Uche G. Nwokeke, Julius C. Ibe, Margaret Enedoh, Sylvester N. Ugariogu

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