International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 9 Issue 12, December 2020: Page 19

Informative Article, Nursing, India

Pages: 951 - 953, Hits: 58

Hoarding Disorder

Priyanka Thakur

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Research Paper, Medical Science, Malaysia

Pages: 954 - 957, Hits: 59

Developing a Multi Purpose Emergency Remote Teaching Tool during COVID Crisis for Partial Credit Assessment Using Digital Scratch-off (PCA-DS) Technique for Immediate Feedback and Readiness Assurance Test

Shahid Hassn, Hasnain Zafar Baloch, Mohd Fadzil

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Research Paper, General Surgery, India

Pages: 958 - 962, Hits: 37

A Critical Analysis of Hypospadias Patients; Management and Complications

Sunil V Revankar

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Research Paper, Dermatology, Indonesia

Pages: 963 - 965, Hits: 43

Clinico-Epidemiology Study of Facial Hypermelanosis at Griya Satya Clinic in January 2017-December 2019

Satya Wydya Yenny, Yosep Prabowo

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Research Paper, English Language and Literature, Turkey

Pages: 966 - 973, Hits: 126

Out of the Closet: Queer Love in Arabic Literature and Islamic Society

Hadeel Safa Hadi Al-Bayati

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Research Paper, Computer Science and Information Technology, India

Pages: 974 - 978, Hits: 45

Mobility Aware Efficient Location based Routing Protocol for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

Jyoti R Maranur, Dr. Basavaraj Mathapati

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Research Paper, Environmental Science Studies, Ivory Coast

Pages: 979 - 985, Hits: 63

Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Chemical Parameters in Surface Waters of Bandama Catershed, Ivory Coast

Amenan Kouadio, Aya Nelly Berthe Kouadio, Kandana Marthe Yeo, Droh Lancine Gone

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Research Paper, Renewable and Sustainable Energy, Tajikistan

Pages: 986 - 991, Hits: 39

Analytical Relationship between the Electrical Parameters of the PV Array and External Factors based on the Lambert W-Function

Mamadsho Ilolov, Khakim Ahmedov, Ahmadsho M. Ilolov, Anvar S. Qodirov, Jamshed Sh. Rahmatov, Narimon Sh. Yusufbekov

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Research Paper, Urology, Indonesia

Pages: 992 - 995, Hits: 42

Characteristics of Urolithiasis Patients in the Undata General Hospital during 2019

Manik Adityaswara AAN, Aristo

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Case Studies, Dentistry, India

Pages: 996 - 1001, Hits: 49

Endodontic Management of Radix - A Case Series

Dr. Sourabh Sharma, Dr. Sonali Sharma, Dr. Anubhav Chakrabarty, Dr. Priyanka Malviya

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