International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 11 Issue 6, June 2022: Page 18

Case Studies, Pathology, India

Pages: 906 - 908, Hits: 0

An Accidental Finding of Microfilaria in Malignant Pleural Effusion

Dr. Afreen Fatima, Dr. Pratima Singh, Dr. Dipti Tripathi, Dr Sanjay Agarwal

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Analysis Study Research Paper, Education Management, Indonesia

Pages: 909 - 915, Hits: 2

Development of Problem Based Learning Model Learning Devices to Teach Tube and Cone Topics

Fice Femmy Rompis, Santje M. Salajang, Victor R. Sulangi

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Student Project, Pathology, India

Pages: 916 - 918, Hits: 0

Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma

J. Avi, C. Helena, M. Reuben

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Research Paper, Marketing, Morocco

Pages: 919 - 924, Hits: 0

Digital and Artificial Intelligence in Hospital Activities

Dr. Fadoua Lemsagued

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Research Paper, Environmental Science Studies, Nigeria

Pages: 925 - 929, Hits: 0

The Influence of Food Solutes on Dielectric Properties of Locally Prepared Groundnut Oil

Nathaniel Muwa. Shawhatsu, Tortondo Elias Ahuah

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Research Paper, Neuroscience, India

Pages: 930 - 933, Hits: 0

Pedicle Subtraction Osteotomy in Local Kyphotic Deformity: An Institutional Study

Shuvayu Bandyopadhyay, Suniti Kumar Saha, Kaushik Roy, Debajyoti Pathak, Susangato Choudhury

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Survey Paper, Periodontology, India

Pages: 934 - 938, Hits: 1

To Assess Knowledge and Attitude Related to Female Sex Hormones and Periodontal Health Awareness among Gynaecologists in Porbandar City - A Questionnaire Survey

Kinjal Savjani, Bela Dave, Parth Khamar, Jubin Thacker, Gunjan Jadav, Yashesh Patel

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Review Papers, Pharmacology Science, India

Pages: 939 - 942, Hits: 1

When Chemo Fails! Nanotechnology Is Introduced


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Case Studies, Paramedical Science, India

Pages: 943 - 950, Hits: 0

The Lived Experience of Women Amputees in Odisha

Sushree Sangita Nayak

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Research Paper, Physiology, India

Pages: 951 - 954, Hits: 2

Correlation between Plasma B-Type Natriuretic Peptide and Haemoglobin Level in Acute Heart Failure

Steffy Dominic, Angel Jose, Stigi Joseph

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