International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 5 Issue 10, October 2016: Page 16

Research Paper, Dental Science, Egypt

Pages: 716 - 723, Hits: 150

Evaluation of Accuracy of Immediate Dental Implant Placement Using Stereolithographic Surgical Stent

Abdelkarim M. Kamar, Nagy El-Prince Hassan, Hala R. Ragab

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Case Studies, Medical Surgical, India

Pages: 724 - 726, Hits: 143

Predictive Value of Platelet Count as a Prognostic Marker of PIH ? A Retrospective Study

Seetha Lavanya Poluri, Soumya Ramakrishna

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Research Paper, Management, Kenya

Pages: 727 - 732, Hits: 147

Effect of Talent Attraction on Organization Performance in Companies Listed in Nairobi Securities Exchange in Kenya

Dr. Rita Kagwiria Lyria

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Informative Article, Computer Science & Engineering, India

Pages: 733 - 736, Hits: 131

Empowering the Education Sector with Sixth Sense

Manan Shah, Mohit Shah, Lakshmi Kurup

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Research Paper, Civil Engineering, India

Pages: 737 - 743, Hits: 141

Assessment of Drought Using Standardized Precipitation Index and Reconnaissance Drought Index and Forecasting by Artificial Neural Network

Jinal J. Dalwadi, Dr. Falguni Parekh

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Research Paper, Software Engineering, India

Pages: 744 - 748, Hits: 117

Opinion Classification System Using Supervised Learning Algorithm

Swati Ambasta, Surbhi Bhatia

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Research Paper, Chemistry, India

Pages: 749 - 752, Hits: 133

Synthesis of Nanoflower like BTCA Doped Fe3O4 /PANI Nanocomposites via Micelle Assisted Method

D. Rama Devi, Y. Pavan Kumar, K. Basavaiah

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M.Tech / M.E / PhD Thesis, Aerospace Engineering, India

Pages: 753 - 759, Hits: 146

Structural Evaluation of Aircraft Stiffened Panel

K. Pravallika, M. Yugender

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Research Paper, Mathematics, India

Pages: 760 - 762, Hits: 140

Age Group of Children Affects the Obesity Problem using Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Matrix

Dr. N. Sarala, I. Jannathul Firthouse

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Research Paper, Physics Science, India

Pages: 763 - 765, Hits: 141

Photoluminescence Properties of SrGa2S4:xCe Blue-Emitting Phosphor

A. R. Gharpure, Dr. S. P. Wankhede

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