International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

Volume 9 Issue 12, December 2020: Page 2

Research Paper, Social Work, India

Pages: 39 - 42, Hits: 140

Sustainable Development of Soybean Crop and Farmers

Ashok Satwaji Hanwate

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Research Paper, Agriculture and Technology, Ivory Coast

Pages: 43 - 50, Hits: 64

Effect of Integrated Soil Fertility Management on Disease Severity and Cassava Quality in Southern Cote dIvoire

Ebah Djedji Bomoh Catherine, Gnahoua Jean-Baptiste Gnelie, Ettien Djetchi Jean Baptiste, De Neve Stefaan, Boeckx Pascal

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Research Paper, Human Development and Family Studies, Indonesia

Pages: 51 - 55, Hits: 99

Analysis of Indonesian Youth Reproductive Health Survey (IYRHS) 2012: Determinant Study of Anemia among Adolescent

Ni Komang Yuni Rahyani, Ni Wayan Suarniti, Ni Wayan Armini, Ni Luh Putu Sri Erawati, I Komang Lindayani, Ni Made Dwi Mahayati

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Research Paper, Geography, Sri Lanka

Pages: 56 - 59, Hits: 114

Public Perceptions on Climate Change and Adaptation Special Reference to Periyakulama Area

J. Juliyat Roshani

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Masters Thesis, Physical Science, Philippines

Pages: 60 - 64, Hits: 133

Effectiveness of Physics Education Technology (PhET) Interactive Simulations in Teaching Physical Science

Richelyn R. Jornales

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Research Paper, Computer Science, India

Pages: 65 - 70, Hits: 117

Prevention and Detection of Diabetes (Type-I & Type-II) using Data Warehousing and Data Mining Techniques in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Deepa.S, Dr. B. Booba

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Research Paper, Energy Engineering, South Africa

Pages: 71 - 84, Hits: 79

Performance Enhancement of Lead Acid Batteries using Different Surface Areas of Carbon Additives on the Negative Plate

Jagannathan Punjabkesar, Heinrich Coetzer, Kelvin Nalan Naidoo, S. P. Daniel Chowdhury

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Informative Article, Computer Science & Engineering, India

Pages: 85 - 88, Hits: 95

CBCD Methods in Video Copy Detection

Jan Mary Thomas

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Research Paper, Mathematics, India

Pages: 89 - 90, Hits: 114

A New Algebraic Method for IBFS of a Transportation Problem and Comparison with NWC Method

S. D. Manjarekar, A. P. Bhadane

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Research Paper, Pedagogy, Vietnam

Pages: 91 - 95, Hits: 106

Mechanism of Formation and Giving Related News Ethnic and Religion in the Tay Nguyen Area, Vietnam

Lu Thi Mai Oanh, Nguyen Thi Nhu Thuy

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