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Optimal Power Flow Studies Using FACTS Devices

K. Seetharamayya, M. Venkateswara Rao

Abstract: The subject of optimal power flow (OPF) has gained a lot of attention due to the high cost of electrical energy. The main objective function of OPF problem is optimizing specific objective functions such as power loss minimization and voltage profile improvement of power system by adjusting the power control variables and at the same time satisfying the equality and the inequality constraints. Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) has been proposed as the better alternative to overcome this, as in addition to improving system performance, reliability, quality of supply and also provide environmental benefit. Static Var compensator (SVC) has been employed to meet the objective of this project which is to evaluate optimal location of SVC for voltage improvement and loss minimization in power system. For determining that optimal location Power System Analysis Toolbox (PSAT) software Analysis is used here. The proposed algorithm has used to determine optimal placement of SVC controller and solving optimal power flow (OPF) to improve voltage profile and reduce the real power losses within real and reactive power generation limits, and SVC operation limit., and it can be obtained for IEEE standard bus systems. In order to determining the optimal location of SVC, the Continuation Power Flow (CPF) analysis is used here. The continuation power flow (CPF) is an accurate method for estimating the maximum loading margin and determined the weakest bus When the voltage collapse occurs. Continuation power flow (CPF) is done with PSAT Soft ware. The advantage of this simulated method is to develop a simple, fast and convenient procedure which can be applied effectively. Effectiveness of the proposed method is tested for IEEE 6 and IEEE 30 bus system using MATLAB/PSAT software.

Keywords: Optimal power flow OPF, FACTS Devices SVC, Optimal location of SVC, PSAT Soft ware CPF