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Longitudinally Rough Short Bearing

P. I. Andharia, Mital Patel

Abstract: Here we have studied the performance of short bearing under the presence of magnetic fluid as a lubricant. Bearing surfaces are considered to be longitudinally rough. The roughness is characterized by a stochastic random variable with non-zero mean, variance and skew-ness. The modified Reynolds equation is solved with suitable boundary conditions to obtain the pressure distribution. This expression for pressure distribution is used to calculate the load carrying capacity. The results are presented graphically. It is seen that due to magnetization the performance of bearing system gets improvement. It is also observed that the effect of roughness is negative on the performance of the bearing. The investigation suggests that the negative effect of roughness can be reduced by positive effect of magnetization parameter. It is also observed that the performance gets improve in the case of suitable combination of roughness parameters.

Keywords: Short bearing, Longitudinal roughness, Magnetic fluid, Reynolds equation, Load carrying capacity