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Microgrids: A Review

Vikas Sharma, Inderpreet Singh

Abstract: Distributed generation encompasses a wide range of prime mover technologies, such as internal combustion (IC) engines, gas turbines, microturbines, photovoltaic, fuel cells and wind-power. Most emerging technologies such as micro-turbines, photovoltaic, fuel cells and gas internal combustion engines with permanent magnet generator require an inverter to interface with the electrical distribution system, These emerging technologies have lower emissions and the potential to have lower cost negating traditional economies of scale. Indiscriminant application of individual distributed generators can cause as many problems as it may solve. A better way to realize the emerging potential of distributed generation is to take a system approach which views generation and associated loads as a subsystem or a microgrid. Microgrid is a very wide concept having its own way of working and different control strategies.

Keywords: Distributed energy sources, microgrids, grid-connected, islanded, centralized control, decentralized control