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CAMP: Cloud Assisted Mobile Health Care System with Privacy

R. Abirami, Dr. S. T. Deepa

Abstract: A cloud storage system, consisting of a collection of storage servers, provides long-term storage services over the Internet. Storing data in a third party-s cloud system causes serious concern over data confidentiality. In cloud, it is hard to maintain patient healthcare information. To solve this problem, we proposed a monitoring and advising patient-s health care via mobile health care system in the medical field. The main objective of the proposed system is preserving the privacy of the medical history of the patients and the service providers. Anywhere-Anytime accessible e-health care systems plays an important role in our daily life. Services supported by mobile devices such as home care, reduction of the cost and time of travel for patients and remote monitoring which reduces in-hospital treatment cause patients with minimal interruptions to their daily activities. We incorporate the recent technique called Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) which overcomes all the security issues in sharing the personal health data with privacy and auditability. By using this technique the user receives an alert message in mobile if any one hackers the health data. Finally, the formal security proof and simulation results illustrate our scheme can resist various kinds of attacks and far outperforms the previous ones in terms of computational, communication and storage overhead.

Keywords: e-Health, Remote Monitoring, Advanced Encryption Standard, Privacy, Simulation results