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Energy Loss Reduction in Distribution System

Ahmed Hamzah Kadhim

Abstract: This research study energy loss reduction in distribution system. This study carries out in the distribution system by using PSS/adept program as tool for simulation. The techniques considered for the reduction of technical losses increase power capacity of distribution system through addition of new equipment (transformer), and network reconfiguration based on optimal power flow, which enables the benefit-cost analysis assessment of energy loss reduction, that supports the investments. The considered costs are economic costs associated with loss reduction sources. The benefit is the reduction in energy loss costs in the distribution system. The benefits will be worked out against the costs which will show the economic justification of the investments in loss reduction sources. Al-Muthanna distribution system in Iraq is used in the simulation study to illustrate the method.

Keywords: loss minimization, PSS/Adept 532 Program, benefit-cost analysis, optimal power flow