Downloading: Weight Reduction & Stress Analysis of Air-Conditioning Compressor Crankshaft
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Weight Reduction & Stress Analysis of Air-Conditioning Compressor Crankshaft

Shaik Zubair Ahmed, G. Adi Narayana

Abstract: The hermetically sealed reciprocating compressor is a major component in any refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. The design depends on the cooling capacity of the system, size, location, type of ac system etc. The compressor mainly consists of two parts, which are called as short-kit and an electric motor used for driving the short-kit (short-kit and electric motor are both called as long kit). The short-kit mainly includes a crank case, piston, connecting rod and crankshaft. Present work mainly deals with the redesigning of a short-kit component i.e., Crankshaft by reducing its weight. Crankshaft is a major part in the system which affect through various working stresses and the only dynamic part which has greater possibility to reduce the weight. The weight of any component can be reduced in two ways; either by suggesting an alternate material or by redesign. In this project an attempt was made to reduce the weight of the crankshaft by considering the redesign. As a start of design the shaft is designed according to the specifications of the compressor without considering any other factors. The designed shaft is analyzed and the results obtained are reviewed. The most important factors that are concentrated are stress distribution and deflections. The designed shaft is optimized for its topology. The reviewed design is analyzed and the better design for the minimum weight is considered, According to optimized design parameters the shaft is re built. The future scope of project deals with the alternative materials which equalizes the present material properties.

Keywords: Compressor, Crankshaft