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Privacy Preserving DAC for Data in Cloud

Pankaj R. Chandre, Swati S. Gore

Abstract: A huge amount of information is being stored in the cloud and much of this is sensitive information. Here proposed a new decentralized access control (DAC) scheme for secure data storage in clouds that will supports anonymous authentication. In this system, the cloud will verify the authenticity of the series of users without knowing the users identity before storing data in cloud. This system also has the more feature of access control where only valid users are able to decrypt the stored information in cloud. The System prevents replay attacks and supports create, modify, and read data stored in the cloud. This System also addresses user revocation. Also this authentication and access control scheme is decentralized and robust in nature, unlike other access control schemes for clouds which are centralized. The computation and storage overheads in this system are comparatively same to centralized approaches. Much of data stored in cloud is sensitive so this system is efficient. It can be used for various applications such as storing health care information, in online social networking where users store their personal information and share with selected groups of users or communities they belongs to.

Keywords: Access Control, cloud storage, ABS, ABE