Downloading: Apply Basic Morality and Compassion of Buddhism in Human Life
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Apply Basic Morality and Compassion of Buddhism in Human Life

Tran Thi Lanh

Abstract: The objective of this paper is want to show the base concept morality and compassion forward to all human kind, fellow feeling with them. In modern day, Science - Social are develop, if need a happy life, you must apply a standard lifestyle. Already a Buddhist disciple, living to obey his teachings, to able a calm and calm in mind. Practice a noble act and gesture, always radiating love to everyone around, do not create evil deeds, do many good deeds. In particular, let's meaningful lives with our loved ones, do not hurt them for me. The article writing about the signification and value of Morality, Compassion in Buddhism at the same time, expressing the moral value of each individual and demonstrating the equal compassionate spirit of Buddhism, helping people get rid of suffering, applying Buddhist philosophy to daily life through analysis, represent by the Dharma. If we feel that our life is boring, nothing to be grateful for thanks to everyone around, let calm down to look back objectively about matters we got and are in life.. Where is it easy be born in life present? Because being born a person is great blessing. Because among all species, humans have more love and understanding than other species. Please cherish this form, do not to greed for benefits which lose it.

Keywords: Morality, Buddhism, Human