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Moral, Character, Knowledge and Search for God Aton

Ilija Lakicevic

Abstract: A unified civilization is only possible when MAN, as a whole, shall have found the Light within himself. We?ve been experiencing the world which is grossly ignorant of its greatest essential - CHARACTER. We are continuing to build a criminal, immoral world of fear and licentiousness because our concept of values is "material". This civilization is forever trying to "gain the whole world at the price of losing its own Soul". The most important and noble attribute of (wo)man is CHARACTER. The intent of all world?s institutions is not only to NOT build character - but in fact, to tear it down completely. In every facet of our lives - personal and social - we have been betrayed and pushed into deeper ignorance. Every symptom which existed as cause of the fall of other great civilizations exists today in our whole world. Enmity, fear, greed, lust for power, hatred, a fast lowering culture, a fast increasing sex looseness and promiscuity including teen-agers, treason, slavery, crime increase and race hatred, and the killing of an average of a million brothers of men by other brothers of men, have lowered the standards of world morality, honor and character. Mankind will continue to fall in eternal sequences of Dark Ages until man as a whole, and all of his institutions as his working parts, realizes: "In vain do we build the city if we do not first build the man."You can trace all of your ills and the world's terrible troubles to that inequality in the transactions of Man in Action, which leaves a residue of imbalance which has not been able to be united with its mate. The greatest miracle which can happen to any (wo)man is the discovery of her/his self. God has always been made by man and in man's image! Man created SIN by crucifying LOVE on the cross of bestiality. Love has not yet entered the portals of the human race to any who have not known mental as well as physical matehood. This is your life - human! You forgot to read the instruction manual for your operation.

Keywords: moral, character, knowledge, search for God Aton