Downloading: Epidemiological Study of Health Parameters in Smokeless Tobacco Consumers
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Epidemiological Study of Health Parameters in Smokeless Tobacco Consumers

Racheal D'Souza, Anupma Harshal

Abstract: Objective: The study is a representation of a cohort population from a socio-economically low background indulging in the consumption of smokeless tobacco in Southern Mumbai, India. The study was undertaken to compile the data from a self-designed Questionnaire and to identify and study the inter-relationship between parameters like triggers to consumption, oral habits and tobacco consumption frequency as contributing factors to Oral and Dental Problems and mental health in Smokeless Tobacco Consuming cohort. Methods: The project was conducted in the Southern part of Mumbai city, India. The cohort consisted of 45 tobacco consuming respondents, 3 non consumers and 2 respondents who quit the habit for more than a year. All respondents belonged to a socio-economically lower background of a working class consisting of cab drivers and local vendors. Results: The study revealed that 80 % of the population faced severe dental problems due to the consumption of tobacco. Out of which, 20 % said that the consumption was triggered by frustration, 31.1 % by stress and 17.7 % due to lack of concentration and anxiety. Conclusion: The study revealed that Stress, Frustration/Anxiety and Lack of concentration are the most common triggers that leads to consuming smokeless tobacco. It also reveals that consuming more number of ST products is directly correlated to the poor oral hygiene causing oral problems in the population. In our study, an interrelationship was observed between triggers to consumption, oral hygiene and consumption frequency.

Keywords: Oral health, Dental problems, Smokeless Tobacco, Saliva, Survey