Downloading: Study of Serum Lipid Profile in Alcoholiccirrhosis of Liver
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Study of Serum Lipid Profile in Alcoholiccirrhosis of Liver

Dr. P. K Satpathy, Dr. Pradnya Diggikar, Dr. Girija Sachdev

Abstract: Liver cirrhosis is a very common disease encountered at both primary and tertiary care by clinicians. A major cause of liver disease is chronic and excessive alcohol consumption. The aim is to study the serum lipid profile (Total cholesterol, HDL, LDL & Triglycerides) in alcoholic cirrhosis of liver & to correlate severity of cirrhosis (CHILD’S criteria & MELD scoring) with lipid profile abnormalities. It is a single centre, cross sectional study meant to study the lipid profile of patients with alcoholic cirrhosis of liver. A total of 100 patients of alcoholic liver cirrhosis admitted to Dr. D.Y Patil Medical College Hospital and research center, from september 2017 to august 2019 were taken up for the study. In this study, most common age group was between 36-45 years. All were male patients and most of them consumed country liquor. Forty five percent of the study population consumed about 90ml (50gm) of alcohol. Majority consumed alcohol for a duration of 5-10 years. All had total cholesterol below 200mg/dl, 74 % had TG below 150mg/dl, 62 % had HDL below 40mg/dl, 72 % had LDL below 100mg/dl. Dyslipidemia is commonly seen in alcoholic liver cirrhosis. Therefore, routine screening for lipid profile should be done in alcoholic cirrhosis patients. The results of this study showed that all the studied variables serum total cholesterol, LDL, HDL cholesterol except triglycerides were significantly low in the cirrhotics.

Keywords: alcoholic liver cirrhosis, lipid profile, child Pugh score, MELD score