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Eye Controlled Wheelchair Using Image Processing Techniques

Prateek Bansal, Ritvik Singhal, Vijay Khare

Abstract: Recent studies have observed that there are thousands of new unheard cases of paralysis in India every year. Great people like Stephan Hawking, Christopher Reeve, Charles Krauthammer and many more have suffered from this disease. Earlier many interfaces and techniques have been developed for self-controlled wheel chairs such as joystick controlled, gesture controlled, and voice controlled. But, people who are paralyzed, are unable to use these systems, because they are not able to make such movements. Hence, the idea is to implement and develop an Eye Regulated System which facilitates movement of the patients wheelchair based on the movement tracking of the pupil. One enduring quadriplegia/paralysis is able to partially move his eyes. This study captures those movements to control wheelchair. Eye controlled wheelchair method is more convenient for handicapped people compared to other mentioned methods. By using eye controlled wheelchair, the patient is able to move wheelchair with higher accuracy.

Keywords: Arduino, Eye Controlled Wheelchair, Gaze tracking, Healthcare, Image Processing, OpenCV, Pupil tracking