Downloading: Utilization of Maternal Health Care for Fertility Control in Some States of India
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Utilization of Maternal Health Care for Fertility Control in Some States of India

Ajit Kumar

Abstract: There are many socio-economic factors which affect the utilization of maternal health services and it’s also varies from state to state in India. There is more maternal morbidity during the reproductive ages 15-49 of women. It adversely affects the health of women. Studies show that out of pocket expenditure on health services are very high. The Government of India gradually initiated many health and social programmes to provide the health services free of cost in public health facilities. Janani Suraksha Yojana and Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakaram are programmes by which government provide free health services to women. Maternal health care services are not at the level of the requirement and the burden of its utilization is high particularly among the poor section of women in the community. The situation of maternal and child health care utilization is poor in the some states of India due to their poverty and low income level which ultimately affect for reducing the fertility level. The lack of awareness, poverty, low level of education and lack of resources are some of the reasons for populations suffering from maternal and infant mortality in some of the selected states in India. There is a gap between poor and rich in the utilization of maternal health care in selected states. There is a large disparity at economic and social level in maternal health care. Many socio-economic factors like; place of residence, age, education, religion and caste etc. is the factors in utilization of maternal health services. Nevertheless many efforts of government, women were not going for safe delivery and other health services owing to lack of awareness also.

Keywords: Full ANC, Skilled Birth Attendant, Postnatal Care, Wanted child, Wealth index