Downloading: Marxist Methodology and its Characteristics
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Marxist Methodology and its Characteristics

Zeyu Cao

Abstract: To achieve complete and successful research, it is necessary to examine the facts through the methodology. Only in this way can academic research maintain a rational and objective position. Objectively speaking, Marxism is an ideal arrangement for the future communist society. This ideal is based on the demonstration of the contradictions of the capitalist system at that time, and this argument is based on the large-scale socio-economic and historical process of human society in the past (for the specific situation of the advanced capitalist society in Western Europe at that time) It has formed a set of self-contained research methodology. This article mainly discusses and interprets the methodology of Marx, and analyzes its five main characteristics, and then distinguishes its difference from other methodologies and its advanced nature.

Keywords: Marxist methodology, Characteristics, Criticism, Dialectics