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The Nurse Job Satisfaction

MSc Brunilda Subashi, MSc Rozeta Lui, MD Llambi Subashi

Abstract: Introduction- The level of satisfaction at nursing staff in the pediatric service is a key factor and necessary to maintain balance in their professional activity. Aim: The identification of job satisfaction and factors influencing satisfaction of nursing staff in pediatric service and pediatric intensive care unit. Materials and methods: This is a case-control study, retrospective and analytical one. This study was conducted in the staff of pediatric nursing service and pediatric intensive care unit during the period 15 November to 15 February and as an instrument for data collection was applied, a questionnaire consisting of eight questions. Results and conclusions: In the very satisfied nursing staff, we look that perceptions are different: 31 % are very satisfied about the work schedule, 27 % about the relationship with the supervisor and colleagues, 19 % about independence at work, 11 % are satisfied for the support from responsible and colleagues, 4 % in relation to working conditions (reanimation unit), good communication and presentation at work. In the nursing staff very disappointed we distinguish that: 86 % of nursing staff are very unhappy about working conditions, 14 % about stress, tension and irritation at work. Recommendation: To improve working conditions and train the nursing staff about stress management in various situations with which are faced every day in their work.

Keywords: job satisfaction, nurses, pediatric