Downloading: Advanced Technique for Comprehensive Data Security
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Advanced Technique for Comprehensive Data Security

Pramendra Kumar, Vijay Kumar Sharma

Abstract: In any communication, security is the most important task. With the advancement of technology and the wide use of World Wide Web for communication increase the challenges of security. Most of the classical security method are based on cryptography and stegnography techniques, but every time these technologies may not be reliable for communication of secrete information over a long distance. Where cipher text may easily arouse attackers suspicion, the biggest concern in the field of steganography is the rapid advancement of research in steganalysis, the counter-technology of steganography. This merely means that steganography needs to add security services to its current repertoire, while not increasing the number of problems.However, in recent years, a lot of research has taken place in direction to trim down the security issues by contributing various approaches but different terrains pose separate challenges. These inadequacies of modern as well as traditional security methods, motivates to design a novel security system that improve the level of security. In this context, this paper has proposed a novel two layer security mechanism by combining the concepts of both, cryptography and stegnography techniques.

Keywords: Cryptography, Stegnography, Security, Data hiding, Encryption