Downloading: Survey of Clustering Schemes in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
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Survey of Clustering Schemes in Mobile Ad hoc Networks

Amit Savyanavar, Mohini Borate

Abstract: The mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) are gaining popularity in recent years due to their flexibility and they can be deployed at any location without pre-existing infrastructure. They are used in various contexts such as collaborative, military application or in emergency services. Now a days clustering is a challenging issue in MANETs for addressing efficient resource utilization and must strike a balance between mobility, battery power, node degree, etc. In this paper, we consider the various approaches for clustering have been presented and different approaches focus on different performance metrics. Each cluster contain a particular node called as cluster head which is elected as cluster head according to the specific metric or combination of metrics such as mobility, energy, degree, density, weight etc. In this survey paper we study some clustering schemes such as Mobility based clustering, Energy efficient clustering, Load balancing clustering, and Combined-metrics based clustering.

Keywords: Clustering, Mobile ad-hoc network, Routing protocol, Mobility, Energy