Downloading: Trust based Secure Routing in MANET using EAASR
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Trust based Secure Routing in MANET using EAASR

Deepika Mohanan, Sachin Godse

Abstract: Mobile ad hoc networks is a system of wireless mobile nodes that can be freely and dynamically self-organized in arbitrary and temporary network topologies without the need of wired or a centralised administration. Mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) are vulnerable to security threats due to the inherent characteristics of such networks, such as the open wireless medium and dynamic topology. It is difficult to provide trusted and secure communications in adversarial environments, such as battlefields. The adversaries outside a network may deduce the information about the communicating nodes or traffic flows by passive traffic observation, even if the communications are encrypted. The nodes inside the network cannot be always trusted, since a valid node may be captured by rivals and becomes pernicious. As a result, anonymous communications are important for MANETs in adversarial environments, in which the nodes identifications and routes are replaced by random numbers or pseudonyms for protection purpose. Anonymity is defined as the state of being unknown within a set of subjects. The MANETs in adversarial environments, in this the public and group key can be initially deployed in the mobile nodes. It is assumed that there is no online security available when the network is deployed.A key-encrypted onion is used to record a discovered route.Group signature is used to validate the RREQ packet per hop.AASR experiences more cryptographic packet delay. The AASR can be improved by reducing the packet delay for which a unified trust management scheme is added that will enhance the security

Keywords: Anonymous Routing, Authenticated Routing, Onion Routing, Mobile Adhoc Network, Trust Management