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Survey On: Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted JPEG Images

N. B. Pokale, Sanjivani S. Koli

Abstract: Reversible data hiding (RDH) is just an approach where secret Data is stuck right into a cover picture in an opposite way. Generally RDH spatial-domain photographs are encrypted. The planned system encrypts the JPEG bit stream in to an adequately arranged structure. Then it embeds personal information in to the secured bit stream by gently adjusting the JPEG stream. Helpful bits ideal for knowledge hiding are then identified. It will help to effectively rule the protected bit stream holding key data. To have an ideal knowledge removal and picture recovery, error modification codes are utilized in coding the key message. Encryption and embedding keys are utilized in encryption and embedding processes. The secrete message bits are encoded with R and embedded into the encrypted bit stream by altering the appended bits. Utilizing the encryption and embedding keys, the recipient may remove the embedded information and completely recover the initial image. Once the embedding key is missing, the initial picture could be approximately recovered with adequate quality without removing the hidden data.

Keywords: secret data, spatial-domain photographs, secured bit stream, Encryption, embedding keys