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Next Generation Cloud Recruiting App Using Platform

Ashish Sudam Jadhav, Rajesh Auti

Abstract: In today?s generation everybody become part of information technology, social media become essential part of our life, even distance never bother us for sending information, this is now a day's more easier to handle, thanks to cloud computing technology. Cloud computing is one of the leading technologies spreading their usage all around the globe. Unlike the traditional way of usage of application, cloud computing provide interactive UI and make end user more relax and provide ease of access through internet. Though technology reduces manpower and increase accuracy of work, recruiting proper talent is crucial work. An organization is like a ship in a ocean of other competitive organization. If the sailor is not qualified enough, then ship will not reach to their respective goal, similarly hiring a proper talent is always challenging job in any organization. There are my other cloud based applications which provide recruiting application, but provided by Salesforce allows developer to develop any custom application on their platform. Every organization has their own policy of talent acquisition; it may vary as per their requirement. Unlike other application they provide fixed workflow which follow standard policy of hiring. allows you to make any changes at any point of time. It has world's first on demand programming language which runs on platform server. We can say it will be new experience of customize recruiting application on platform.

Keywords: recruitment, forcecom, cloud computing, hiring, organization policy