Downloading: Design of Secure, Reliable and Lightweight Communication in Trusted Wireless Sensor Network
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Design of Secure, Reliable and Lightweight Communication in Trusted Wireless Sensor Network

Pradnya S. Kulkarni, Dr. Aarti Dixit

Abstract: A sensor system will review our health, our home, the streets we follow, the workplace or the industry we work in or even the aircrafts we use, trying to improve our safety. Notwithstanding, the wireless sensor networks themselves are inclined to security attacks. The list of security attacks, in spite of the fact that officially exceptionally long, keeps on enlarging obstructing the development of these networks. The trust management schemes comprise of a powerful tool for the detection of unexpected node behaviors either malicious or faulty.In wireless sensor networks, sensor nodes in the region of interest must report the cognitiveprocess to the sink by sensing, and this report will satisfies the report frequency necessary by the sink. Inside the domain of system security, we decipher the idea of trust as a connection among entities that take part in different conventions. Trust relations are focused around confirmation made by the past connections of substances inside a convention.In wireless sensor network the resource efficiency and reliability of a trust system are the most basic supplies. Due to the low reliability and high overhead the developed existing trust systems for wireless sensor networks are unable of satisfying these supplies. Therefore there is need to propose a lightweight and reliable trust system which can efficientlydecrease the networking consumption while malicious, selfish and faulty cluster heads and also exceeds the limitations of traditional weighting methods for trust factors in which weights are allocated subjectively and also insist less communication overhead and memory.

Keywords: Wireless sensor network, trust management, reputation, trust model, self-adaptivity